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So, you're interested in living green? You've come to the right place! Whether you are interested in lowering your carbon footprint, lowering your bills, or you just need more information about choosing an eco friendly alternative, we've got you covered. We're here to break the whole concept of green into bite sized pieces.

Sustainable Earth

Protect What We Have

Let's get started! First, if you are new to the whole concept of living green, you might be wondering exactly what it is and why you should care about it.

What is Green Living?

Since the whole concept of green is still relatively new, you probably won't find any definition for this kind of green in a dictionary. However, we believe that "green" basically covers any action that seeks to protect the environment either by lowering consumption, by reducing or eliminating waste, or by using products that do not cause harm to the environment. We'll go into lots more detail throughout the site.

Why should I care?

There are lots of good reasons to care about green living. First, anything you can do to help protect the environment, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. And, being green is good for you. Yes, YOU! Here's how:

Living green often saves green (yes, the kind you like to spend)
There are lots of health advantages associated with taking steps towards a greener lifestyle.
We'll continue to work hard in order to provide you with lots of high-quality and well researched information about green living.

Looking to Remodel Your Home, Yard Or Build New?

Check out our new section on Green Homebuilding Tips. We've got lots of information on energy-saving designs, including the much-talked about LEED Design which will provide you with cutting-edge information on the latest from the United States Green Building Council.

If you are going to study for your LEED for Homes AP rating, be sure to visit our recent pages of the LEED Reference Guide, which gives you compact, relevant studying information for this vital information. Recent additions include: LEED ID, LEED LL, LEED SS and LEED WE. Check them out!

We have dedicated an entire section of the website to green building and remodeling products as well. If you are interested in Green Flooring, Green Counters, or Green Cabinets, be sure to check out those sections of the website.

Also when it comes to keeping our indoor air clean in your home, be sure in investigate all the paint and finish options available in our Eco Friendly Paint section.

Interested In Green Energy?

One of our newest sections here is our Green Electricity section. It is here where you will learn about the advances in green power systems, such as wind power, photovoltaic systems, solar water heating systems and more.

We will describe systems for you give you tips and suggestions how to use them in your home and how to get the best bang for your buck, including tax incentives, system optomization and design information.

Passive Home Lighting Systems will explore all of the systems we now have available to us to light our homes naturally, while minimizing the use of artificial lighting. We will cover system systems as Roof Windows, Skylights, Suntubes, Solarium and a whole lot more.

Green Living Can Start In Your Yard And Garden

There are lots of things you can do to green up your yard naturally. Visit the Green Landscaping section for information on eco-friendly fertilizer, insect control, and organic disease control.

We will also give you a lot of guidance on flower and perennial beds, perennial care, mulching, perennials division, bare root plants and even buying plants online.

Just added! Go to our new Plant Library. We will be addition plants to this list every week. We will give plant requirements, including water, sun and propagation needs, species, pictures and a lot more. Just click on the top right navigation button and you will go right to the library.

Eating from an organic garden is about as good as it gets in the realm of green living. We guide you as you learn to grow your own fruits and vegetables naturally without any inorganic pest controls or fertilizers in our Green Gardening Section.

Green Product Reviews

Interested in reading and learning more about products we talk about? Catch up on the latest green and eco-friendly products in our Green Products Reviews section.

Green Living

Green Living Practice Sustainability

Green Living In The Home

Most people are interested in becoming more eco friendly at home and that's important. Because a majority of your time is spent at home, any changes you implement there have a direct effect on your quality of life, through things like increased health and saved money. Beyond that, having a green home will affect the world around you in a positive way.

If you are looking for a place to start green living, check out our pages on having a Green Kitchen. Since so much of a home's energy is used in the kitchen and almost all of our homes waste is generated in the kitchen, it makes sense to see what changes can be made in this important room before moving on to other areas of the home.

Green Living Made Easy also has sections dedicated to every other area of the home. If you'd like to make some changes in the bedroom, visit the Green Bedroom section of the site. Are you wondering which washing machine is the most energy efficient or what laundry detergent is the most eco friendly? Check out the Green Laundry section for lots of great information that will help you out in the laundry room.

Since our bathrooms consume at least 60% of our water, and a great deal of that is heated, find out how to conserve in the Bathroom visiting the Green Bathroom section of the site.

Don't think you can't bring green concepts into the garage either. Wev'e got it covered in our Green Garage section.

Learn To Eat Green

Learn To Eat Green

Living the Green Lifestyle:

Eating Green is becoming extremely popular. Chances are that you've heard people talking about things like edible landscapes, eating locally, and community supported agriculture. If you are looking for ways to green your eating habits or you've been hearing these terms and don't know quite what they mean, visit our Green Eating pages, where we explain it all.

Green Living doesn't really have and shouldn't have boundries. We have sections on Green Kids, which helps you discover toys, clothes, items for school and educational programs for our kids

We also want to start our youngest ones out right so be sure to catch or section on Green Baby for the latest in baby clothes, toys, furniture and everything to pamper you littlist ones.

In our Organic Beauty Products section we will cover some great healthy and eco-friendly products that will allow us to be beautiful while being green.

Green Living And Composting

Composting is an integral part of an eco friendly lifestyle. Unfortunately, only a relatively small percentage of people currently compost. Many people don't really understand what it is or how to do it. They may think that it's too hard or that they don't have enough space. The truth is, anyone can compost. Visit our comprehensive section on composting, and we'll show you how to do it, quickly and easily.

Visit The OnLine Store

Just to make things easy for you we have introduced our Green Living OnLine Store, where we will offer most of what we talk about , rate and review. It's totally secure and safe shopping for your convenience.