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Bricor Shower Heads - Product Review

Some of the best water-saving shower heads are manufactured by Bricor. Read our product review to find out which models you should consider.

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One of the quickest, easiest and most affordable ways to significantly reduce your water consumption is by the installation of a new low-flow water saving shower head in each of your showers. As compared to older style shower heads, these new units use much less water.

Use Less Heated Water Too:

By using less water in your shower, you will be using less heated water, which translates to lower utility bills. In order to lessen the impact on the environment, many people are turning new water-saving measures inside their homes. Almost everyone is interested in saving money.

You can easily save thousands of dollars a year with one of these devices, and depending on where you live, that can translate to hundreds of dollars..

There is a wide variety of low-flow shower heads now available to the consumer. But, because a shower head boasts of water-savings, many can do so at the cost of performance, so you should choose one wisely.

Bricor Shower Head Technology:

Bricor is a leader in the shower head industry of providing satisfying water delivery in their product line, while at the same time using very little water. When it comes to water-saving technology, Bricor offers products that are unmatched by anyone in the industry.

The Water Saving Show Head Line Offered By Bricor:

As many companies offer low-flow shower heads, they do so at the price of a quality showering experience for the user. Symptoms of a poorly engineered low-flow shower head are: Noisey operation, weak stream of water, or even higher water usages of up to 2.5 gallons per minute. With a line of 8 incredible shower heads, Bricor offers a much better solution.

Bricor aerates the water to compact water under pressure with their patented Vacuum Flow Venturi Physics System. This system delivers a powerful stream of water while using very little water in the process.

Bricor Low Priced Shower Heads:

The Bricor Bravo Line Used primarily in hotels, this is a commercial grade shower head that delivers a flow rate of 1.375 gallons per minute. (All gpm rates are calculated using a 50 psi water pressure, which is typical homes).

The Bricor EcoFIT Line The EcoFIT shower head line delivers 1.25 gallons per minute flow rates. This head is constructed of 50% chromed ABS material, and 50% brass with a Neoprene spray plate. This is the most affordable shower head offered by Bricor.

The Bricor Hand Held Line: This hand held shower head has flow rates of only 1.125 gallons per minute and is among the highest efficiency shower heads on the market. The head has a convenient 59" brass hose, along with a chromed plastic shower head wand.

The Bricor Eline-R and Elite-E Lines: Each of these models offer flow rates at 1.5025 gallons per minute. The Elite-E is used by many hotel chains and features solid brass construction with a nickel-chrome finish. The Elite-R offers many different finishes which gives it great versatility to fit into virtually any bathroom decor.

Shower Heads Using Ultra-Low Water Flow

These shower heads by Bricor stand out from the crowd. They use as little as 0.5 gallons of water per minute, while still offering a great showering experience.

The Bricor B100 Max Line: This line by Bricor features a very strong stream of water by using a flow of only 1.0 gallons per minute. Its performance has been proven by being specified in many colleges around the country, and being used in Iraq by our combat troops.

The Bricor B100-Supermax Line: The B100-Supermax provide a wider shower spray pattern than that of the B100 Max and uses only 1.2525 gallons per minute. This gives maximum coverage with minimal water usage.

The Bricor B100 Ultramax Line: The ultimate in water conserving shower heads is the B100 Ultramax. This shower head sports a flow rate of only 0.5525 gallons per minute, which is amazingly low. The user will experience a remarkably powerful water stream, even with these low water consumption rates.

If you have extremely limited access to water, or extremely high water rates, the Ultramax will be for you. Many people also use them for other low-water situations such as RVs or on boats.

Custom Shower Heads By Bricor

Another service that Bricor offers is the configuration of shower heads to match your home's water pressure. Even though the standard water pressure used in home design is 50 psi, it often varies by quite a bit.

By customizing your shower heads to the specific water pressure you have in your home, you can be assured that you are getting the most efficient shower head performance possible.