Brill Razorcut Lawn Mower

Brill Razorcut Lawn Mower - Reel Lawn Mower, Razor Cut Mower

Brill Razorcut Lawn Mower

Put away that gas mower for good. Roll up your sleeves, put on your shorts and get ready for the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood by using the Brill Lawn Mower.

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Are you interested in reducing your carbon foot print, becoming healthier, reducing noise pollution and having a beautifully manicured lawn to boot?

If you have a smaller sized lawn, and I would say that would be 5,000 - 8,000 square feet, then we have a great solution for you.

One of my best friends just bought the Brill 78371 Razorcut 38 15-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower for his city-sized lot. He was so excited that first time he mowed his grass, he called and said that I had to see this.

The Advantages of a Reel-Cut Lawn:

I have always preferred reel-type lawn mowers because they "slice" the grass blades like a sharp scissors, rather than knocking the top of the grass blades off with a rotary blade.

I think this is really instilled in me from my childhood days of cutting my grandfathers lawn. He always used a reel mower and his lawn was always the best looking in the neighborhood.

Try this test: If you get a chance, look closely at the blades of grass a few days after mowing with a reel mower vs. mowing with a rotary mower. You simply won't believe the difference. On the reel-mower lawn the tops of the grass blades are cleanly cut and on the rotary-cut lawn the grass tops are shreded and brown.

Brill Razorcut Lawn Mower Features German Engineering

The Brill Razorcut Lawn Mower features the non-contact cutting system. Blades stay sharp for 8 years.

Cutting height from .7-inch to 1.8-inch. Cutting width 15-inch. 7-inch metal cover protects flowers and shrubs.

Optional Grass Catcher. Sealed ball bearing mounted reel. Dry powdered coat on metal components. 5-10 minute assembly.

Gap setting gauge included. 2 year warranty.

Let me tell you that the Brill Razorcut Lawn Mower is not my grandfathers lawn mower!

The Brill Razorcut Lawn Mower is a classic lawn mower now in a modern design.

Worthy of note is the modern shape of the sturdy and foldable handle bars in silver and gray with ergonomic foam rubber handles.

The large wheels with their special profile also ensure convenient working as does the attractive "rear spoiler" which ejects the grass cuttings in a controlled manner.

Mowing with the cylinder mower means precision cutting of each single blade of grass. Precision sharpened to a hundredth of a millimeter, blade cylinder and bottom blade of special hardened steel leave a lawn cut as if with scissors whereby the contact free cutting technique – a BRILL invention – ensures quietness.

A high quality and light weight German push reel lawnmower. The Razorcut features the non-contact cutting system.

The Brill Razorcut Mower - Dislikes:

None -That's Right - this is a great green and ergonomic solution to cutting your lawn. Zero pollutants, healthy lifestyle and incredible construction all lead to all likes and no dislikes.

The quality of the construction and the features of this mower are amazing and actually make it fun to mow a small lawn.

Product Features
    Non-contact cutting system keeps blades sharp for 8 years. That is almost enough from be to want one by itself.
    Weighs only 17 pounds, so it is very lightweight and you will use minimally more energy to push this lightweight than taking a brisk walk.
    Europe's #1 reel mower
    Environmentally friendly - no gas or fumes
    Exceptionally quiet and safe to use

If you have a fairly large lawn this may not be the mower for you, or any push operated mower for that matter. I would say if you have a lawn area in the neighborhood of 5,000 square feet or less, you should consider one of these - unless you are up for some good exercise that is.

Green Living Made Easy Tip:

For your information, if you wish to walk a mile and mow your lawn at the same time, you can roughly mow a 6,000 square foot lawn area, which is the equivalent of walking one mile with this mower. This is based on a rectangular lawn surface and yours can vary considerably.

Brill Razorcut Lawn Mower - Green Living Rating:

Overall, we give the Brill Razorcut Mower 10 out of 10 stars. It's a great green product, it's easy to use, and it works well. Zero carbon footprint, near zero sound pollution, at least as close as you can get, plus a great way to get yourself some exercise all make for this high rating.

We will have this mower in our Store or you could purchase the Brill Razorcut Lawn Mower OnLine.