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Buying Plants OnLine

Buying Plants OnLine | Have you seen plants online and wondered if you dare to purchase from the internet? Check here for tips on buying plants online - bare root plants, checking return policies, and more.

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If you are concerned that you won't get high quality plants or seeds when you buy them online, you aren't alone. We've been avid online shoppers for some time, but making the decision to buy live plants online was quite a stretch for us.

Now that we buy many of our plants online, we believe that there are several great reasons for buying plants online.

You have your plants and seeds delivered right to your door. Shopping is safe and secure and you can do a lot of research online before making your purchases.

Also, you can typically purchase smaller plants, in greater quantities, grow them yourself and save quite a bit of money.

When buying plants online, is typically a much better and wider selection of plants available from online suppliers. Your garden center will usually only stock a few different varieties of a particular plants species, due to space restrictions and inventory costs, where an online supplier will stock dozens of varieties.


USDA Zone Hardiness Map

USDA Zone Hardiness Map

USDA Hardiness Zone:

Before buying plants online, check your hardiness zone on the USDA Plant Hardiness Chart. Make sure all plants purchased are suitable for your zone or below. In other words if you live in zone 6a make sure your plant is suitable for zone 6a or below. Anything above will not likely thrive in your climate zone.

Common Names vs. Botanical Names:

Be sure that you know both of these names for more easy navigation when buying plants online. Many times plant common names can vary a bit between regions, but the botanical name always remains the same. Beware of any online companies that do not supply botanical names. You cannot be sure of plant species and hardiness if you don't have the botanical name when buying plants online.

Verify What Size Plant You Want

Verify What Size Plant You Want

Seedlings or Cuttings vs. Large Divisions:

If a plant is described as a seedling or cutting you can expect that plant to be considerably smaller that one that is described as a "large division."

Growing Information:

Is your plant going to thrive in sun, part-sun, semi-shade or full shade. All the documentation for sun exposure should be available for you. If a plant is listed a full to partial sun and you plant it in shade to partial shade conditions, it is likely the plant will not survive or will do very poorly. Pay attention to the growing information the supplier offers you.

Watering Information:

Know whether your plant will like like wet, semi-wet dry, or arid conditions. Do not plant a plant listed for arid conditions where it will receive lots of water. Similarly, do not plant one that needs lots of moisture in a semi-arid or arid condition.

Soil Type:

Know if the plant prefers slightly acid, slightly alkaline or PH neutral soil. This will affect the nutrient uptake of the plant and govern how well the plant will survive in it's location.

Return Policy:

Look for address information and phone numbers so you can ask questions and your seller should be able and happy to answer any questions. If they cannot answer any questions you should not order from them.

Read the merchants return policy carefully when buying plants online. You want to make sure that they will take responsibility for dead or damaged plants.

Information on Shipping:

Also, while buying plants online, you should see your shipping rates or a shipping quote before completing your order. You should also receive a shipment date appropriate for your USDA zone. This date is important to you as some of the planting dates are time sensitive.

Perennials Are Usually Shipped Bare Root

When Buying Plants OnLine - Perennials Are Usually Shipped Bare Root

How Are Plants Shipped?

typically perennials are shipped to you by a method called "bare root". This means there is no soil included and the plant roots are cleaned. This lowers shipping costs and reduces disease potential or contamination problems.

Usually the plant will be packed in wood shavings, peat or damp newspaper to keep them moist.

Don't panic if your plant looks dead when it arrives. Plants store all their energy in their root system and once planted they will send up shoots very quickly and recover from the shipping process. It's also important to note that most plants are dormant when shipped, which is typically during winter months.

Look for detailed planting instructions on or in the packaging and follow them precisely. You can read our article on bare root planting for more information.

Precautions You Should Take:

Be aware of false claims by suppliers. Know that the plants they send you are not likely to be nearly as spectacular as those depicted in the picture representation, with "full bloom" flowers and 4 foot height when the plant is only be expected to reach 18 inches.

The pictures show off the absolute best of what the plant could be in ideal sun conditions, ideal soil, fertilizer, and optimum watering. Not many plants are subjected to their ideal environment in a landscape setting and the end result -  you'll experience will be a result of the conditions which you are growing in.

In closing, buying plants online can be a great, cost-effective way to get a wide variety of plants and flowers for your landscape beds. Some of the most reputable online merchants are:

Here's Some Great Sources For Bare Root Plants:

Just select an supplier from the drop down menu bar below and then select the "GO" button to go directly to their site to shop.

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