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Caroma Toilets - Product Review

Caroma Toilets, a leader in water conservation technology, featuring dual flush Watersense Label toilets.

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Watersense and the Watersense label are programs that are sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Caroma Toilets do meet their specifications and thus carry the EPA Watersense Label.

This program promotes the use of water efficient products and practices to the consumer which will reduce our water consumption and ultimately save money on your water bills.

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EPA Watersense Label

Caroma Toilets - Watersense Assures The Consumer That the Product Performs as Advertised:

The Watersense label assures the consumer that this product does indeed meet the testing requirements, increasing consumer confidence in the product, while giving third party testing, assurances and certification that the product performs as stated.

Caroma Toilets - Watersense Claims:

Products that meet the Watersense label:

    Products will perform at least as well or better than it's less efficient counterparts.
    Assures that products are at least 20 percent more water efficient in each respective category.
    Water savings are realized on a national level.
    Results are supplied and are assured on a measurable level.
    Water efficiency is achieve through several technologies.
    Products are awarded the Watersense Label.
    The consumer is assured that product has been third party tested.

Caroma Toilets - Adealide
High efficiency toilet (HET)
1.6/0.8 gallons (6/3 liters) per flush
Two piece, two button dual flush toilet
Large fully concealed trapway
Dimensions 29 5/8"L x 13 3/8"W x 32 5/8"H
Round Front Plus

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Caroma Toilets - Adealide
High efficiency toilet (HET)
1.6/0.8 gallons (6/3 liters) per flush
Two piece, two button dual flush toilet
Large fully concealed trapway
Dimensions 29 5/8"L x 13 3/8"W x 32 5/8"H
Round Front Plus

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Caroma Toilets - Specifications

The EPA has set standards that require all new toilets to be high efficient and use no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

The problem was that many toilet manufacturers just simply retrofitted existing toilets to use less water and the toilets did not perform well at all.

As a result of this defective engineering, it gave the water-saving toilet a bad reputation.

Caroma Toilets decided to take a different approach to the low flush requirement and designed a low water consumption toilet from the ground-up using good design practices.

The design that Caroma toilets used reduces water consumption while providing the right amount of water to perform the task at hand.

The result was a dual-flush toilet that allowed the user to select either a 0.8 gallon flush for liquids, or a 1.6 gallon flush for solids.

This seemed like the ideal solution to provide an efficient flush, with a toilet that performed extremely well and met and exceeded not only governmental regulation but the EPA Watersense Label as well.

Caroma Toilets Adealide:

The Caroma Toilets Adealide is one of these toilets that was engineered from the ground-up to use less water while at the same time being a very effective toilet.

The Adealide is a very attractive contemporary 2-piece design that will look great in any bathroom setting.

The Caroma Toilet Heritage:

Caroma Toilets has always been in the forefront in dual flush toilet technology and as a result a leader in the industry.

Some of the Caroma Toilet accolades are:
    Award-winning, proven technology
    Some of the most technologically advanced designed bathroom products
    Their dual-flush toilets set the industry standard for others to follow
    Caroma Toilets leads the industry in Watersense approved fixtures
Caroma Toilets - Adealide Features:
    Conserving water saves a lot of money while saving the environment.
    The Adealide features a sleek base which fully conceals the trap and a smooth contemporary design.
    Also it has a 4" trap which will help to reduce clogs, as compared to other manufactures that can have traps as small as 1-1/2 inches.
    Reduced water consumption, lessens the impact of seasonal water shortages on the planet
    Toilet Dimensions: 29 5/8"L x 13 3/8"W x 31 1/4"H (bowl height = 15")