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Cheaper Electricity Bills - Consider Floor Plan Orientation

Use these practical techniques to orient your home to fully capture light, radiation and natural breezes.

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The orientation of your floor plan to the elements is an extremely important design consideration and can make a profound effect for cheaper electricity bills..

Architectural Rendering

Floor Plan Orientation To The Elements Promotes Cheaper Electricity Bills

This design criteria is often overlooked and as it turns out it is a primary consideration you should make when planning your new home, or planning an addition to an existing home.

Why Does Floor Plan Orientation Have Anything to do with Cheaper Electricity Bills?

Why is this? Because if we wish to capture the suns energy, orienting the primary glazing to due south has a lot of electricity savings benefits.

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Also windows - the operable kind, admit cooling breezes to cool down your home naturally, along with some smart design choices, you can target cheaper electricity bills.

Since Windows are the primary light capturing element that every house posses, it only makes since that the windows do triple duty and allow primary views from the same windows that are capturing natural lighting, admitting natural ventilation and radiant heat.

Architectural Rendering

Cheaper Electricity Bills With Cooling Landscaping, Operable Windows That Have Southern Exposure

Lot Size - Floor Plan Orientation for Cheaper Electricity Bills:

If you purchase a rather large lot (say 2 acres or more), your land purchasing options are a lot more flexible since you have room to move the home floor plan around the lot for optimal orientation to the sun and cooling breezes.

Architectural Rendering

Floor Plan Orientation for Cheaper Electricity Bills

Smaller Lot Size - Floor Plan Orientation for Cheaper Electricity Bills:

If you have a smaller lot with the access road running along one side of it. You should consider a lot that has views and exposure to the sun and exposure to prevailing breezes.

This more means that the roadway would be on the north side of the site or to somehow promote views and glazing exposure to the south.

In other words, it is advantageous to have your living spaces face due south, or as close to that as possible. This will give you much more versatility in placing glazing in the south-facing glass, while at the same time promoting your views to the south, south-east and south-west.

Architectural Rendering

Cooling Landscaping for Cheaper Electricity Bills

Cheaper Electricity Bills With Site Structures and Landscaping:

What if you don’t have any views to the south? Then it is time to put on your creative hat.

Consider outdoor living areas such as patios, gazebos, small water features along with fencing, retaining walls and some great landscaping will actually create a beautiful feature to view.

Besides great views, these site features can provide a cooling effect for your home.

Construct the patios, drives and walkways from light colored materials that reflect heat rather than absorb it. Landscaping absorbs heat too.

As the hot summer winds pass over a landscaped area, the breeze entering your home will be cooled down, just like a natural air-conditioner.

Additional Energy Elements for Cheaper Electricity Bills:

Also, don’t discount the importance of roof windows, skylights and clerestory glazing as light and heat gathering sources that need not rely on a view at all, only on their orientation to due south.