Compare Utility Prices

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Compare Utility Prices

Compare Utility Prices Careful consideration of multiple utility providers can reap huge benefits in lowering your utility costs.

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Compare Utility Prices: Save Ten With Angie's List!

Utility bills take up a lot of many Americans expendable income. That means that it's smart to compare utility prices whenever possible before selecting companies to do business with.


Compare Utility Prices - Save Money

Compare Utility Prices

State Deregulation Is The Key To Compare Utility Prices:

The bad news is that in many states, gas and energy prices are still regulated by the state.

That makes it difficult to compare utility prices because there is only one choice when it comes to things such as electric and gas.

However, more states are deregulating energy prices and the states that are offer a lot of competition, which is great for consumers.

Currently, the states that are deregulated are California, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Ohio.

What that means is that consumers in those states have CHOICES that allow them to lower their overall energy costs and keep more money in their pockets.

So why don't more states deregulate so that everyone can compare utility prices to get the best deal?

There are actually a lot of reasons: California was the first state to deregulate energy sales and they faced a lot of problems when they did - including widespread blackouts, energy companies facing severe financial trouble, and consumers who were unwilling to consider making a switch.

Deregulating is a complicated approach for states, which may be why many of states are still reluctant to do so.

White Fence Index

Compare Utility Prices - White Fence Index

Sources For You To Compare Utility Prices:

For people who do have the option to choose their energy provider, there are some great online resources that will help you to compare utility prices. Energy Shop is one of these website's.

Another great resource is White Fence. Both of these sites allow consumers to check different rates in their areas.

Energy Shop

Compare Utility Prices - Energy Shop

Compare Utility Prices - Learn More With Our Tips Too!

It's also worth noting that there are other ways to lower your utility bills even if you don't have the option right now to compare utility prices. One of the major ways you can lower your bills is to reduce your energy usage.

You can learn more about saving energy in the kitchen, saving energy in your laundry room, or even saving energy in your bathroom.

Using these tips will help you to lower your monthly bills even if you don't' have any choice at all in the electricity providers that you use.

Net Metering Option:

Another great option is to begin using energy alternatives, such as solar power and wind generation systems.

Some states will allow you to sell back energy that you produce and do not use - a great option for many people.

This usually involves using an option that is available from the power company called "Net Metering".

Net Metering allows the homeowner to hookup to the power grid in a normal way.

The difference is when power generating devices are hooked into the system, the electric meter will slow down, stop, or even run backwards.

Get Your Utility Bill To $0.00 With Net Metering:

With net metering, you can actually get your electric bill down to ZERO, or it may even be possible to get a rebate back from the power company, if you generate enough power. (these payout's from the utility company are usually very modest, so don't expect to get much value from power you generate).

Therefore, it is the goal of a home setup for net metering to achieve that magic "Zero" on your utility bill.

If you have multiple utility providers available at your site or at your prospective building site, be sure to check out the net metering option with them before you decided on any green electricity options.

If this option is important to you, and certainly it is one of the bigger consideration for green power generation systems, careful investigation has great rewards.

Compare Utility Prices - Net Metering Availability Information:

A great source to start your research on the availability of Net Metering go online to the Green Power Network, which is on the U.S. Department of Energy Website. Here you can get Net Metering information that is available on a state-by-state basis.

Compare Utility Prices - The Last Word:

Even if you don't have the option to make a choice about your gas and electric companies, chances are that you can compare prices on things such as your phone, cable, and internet providers.

Taking the time to compare your options can help you save money. Time spent now comparing prices will pay off in the long run if you are able to find the best rates.