Compost Materials

Compost Materials - Composting activators, aerators, compost bins.

Compost Materials

We will cover, compost materials, composting activators, aerators and everything you need to start your own sustainable compost operation.

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To make composting even easier, we've included this handy list of compost materials to help you remember what's green, what's brown, and what you shouldn't add to your pile at all.

Add Greens To Your Compost Pile

Add Greens To Your Compost Pile

Greens: These Add Nitrogen
    Vegetables And Vegetable Peels
    Tea Bags + Coffee Grounds (Add the Coffee Filter Too)
    Fruit & Peels
    Egg Shells
    Green Grass Clippings
    Blood Meal
    Egg Shells
    Grains - pasta, cereal, bread
Wooden Compost Bins Can Be Great Looking

Also Add Browns

Browns - These Add Carbon
    Leaves: Make sure they are small or chop them up
    Sawdust from untreated wood
    Newspaper (shredded)
    Dried grass clippings
    Paper: Non recyclable, can also use shredded cardboard, boxes, etc.
    Yard Waste: Should be chopped into small pieces
Avoid Weeds With Seeds

Avoid Adding Mature Weeds With Seeds

What Compost Materials to Avoid
    Cat/Dog Feces
    Weeds with seeds or that sprout from roots
    Toxic Chemicals
    Meat and Bones
    Treated Wood
    Fats, Oil, & Grease
    Plants with Diseases
Compost Activator

Composting Activator is not necessary for making composting material, but you may want to have some on hand to help your compost pile get started.  Some people swear by it and others say it doesn't make any difference. - The Ultimate Garden Center

We typically use it at the start of a new pile and it seems to help at least at the beginning.  We like the Compost Plus Activator. It's cheap and one box contains enough compost activator for numerous new piles.

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