Compost Tumblers

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Compost Tumblers - Reviews of the Best

Compost Tumblers can make the composting chore really easy and as simple as a couple of cranks a day. Read our reviews of the best ones.

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Composting tumblers are a form of composting bin that will allow you to create compost with your home and yard waste.

Tumblers are different than traditional bins because they rest on an axis, which allows you to turn them as opposed to having to manually stir your compost.

Compost Tumbler

ComposTumbler 02001 Compact 12-Cubic-Foot Galvanized Metal Compost Bin

Compost tumblers are typically made of some type of hard plastic or polyethylene.

There are four major types of tumblers: Center Axle Tumblers: These are vertically mounted and the drum, where the compost resides) rotates around a horizontal axle that is held by a frame.

These types of tumblers are extremely easy to use and usually have removable lids on each side of the drum. The one drawback to these types of composters is that they usually sit close to the ground, which can make emptying them tricky. Base Rolling

Compost Tumblers:

These types of compositors are horizontally mounted and roll around a base that either has a roller or rounded posts that keep the drum suspended so that it can be turned. Base rolling composting tumblers are extremely easy to turn, especially if they use a roller system for turning. .

Compost Tumblers - Roll-Around Spheres:

Roll around compositors are an interesting concept. They consist only of a large ball that can be rolled around the yard in order to turn the compost

. It's a novel idea, however they are difficult to load, especially when full and they are also difficult to empty. The more compost that's in the tumbler, the more difficult it is to roll around. !

Crank Operated Composters: Of all the tumbler types, these are our favorite. They are mounted horizontally and usually sit a ways off the ground. The include a crank, which makes turning extremely easy. They also usually sit high off the ground, which makes emptying them as easy as putting a wheelbarrow underneath the composter.

Because they sit higher off the ground than other types of composting tumblers, they are also less likely to be invaded by animals that may be roaming around the neighborhood.

These composters cost more than any other type of tumbling compost bin, but the money you spend will be made up because they are so easy to use.

Tumbleweed Compost Barrel

Sun-Mar 200 50-Gallon Rotating Compost Bin

Our Compost Tumbler Recommendations:

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Tumbleweed Compost Barrel

ComposTumbler 01001 Original 22-Cubic-Foot Galvanized Metal Compost Bin

What are the Benefits of Composting Tumblers?

These types of composters have a number of benefits. One of the major benefits that comes with using a tumbler is that they often create compost faster than other methods of composting.

Yet another benefit is that compost kept in tumblers tends to stay more moist in dry weather than compost that is kept in open bins. This is especially true in dry areas. This means that you'll have to water your compost less if you choose to use a tumbler.

One last benefit to using a composting tumbler is that they keep the compost enclosed and have a neat appearance. Animals can't get into your compost and you won't have to deal with foul odors. This makes tumblers a perfect option for those who live in urban areas or subdivisions with strict covenants. - The Ultimate Garden Center
How to Use Your Composting Tumbler?:

Using a tumbler is relatively easy and pain free. Simply add kitchen waste and yard material such as leaves, grass, etc. You should have about 3 parts brown material (dead leaves, twigs, paper strips, etc.) to one part green material (fresh grass, vegetable peelings, etc) in order to create the best possible compost.

Once that the material has been added to your tumbler, you'll want to be sure to turn it on a daily basis. The length of time required to create finished compost depends on how much material has been added to the tumbler. You will know your compost is ready to use when it smells and looks like soil and has shrunk to about half of it's regular size.

FeelGood Compost Barrel

Envirocycle Backyard Composter, Green

Composting Tumblers Buying Guide:

One of the major considerations when purchasing a tumbler is your budget. These types of composters start at about $100 and can easily cost upwards of $400 for the more expensive models. While it may be tempting to buy the cheapest composting tumbler that you can find, it's not always the best idea. Often the more expensive models will be easier to turn and made of better materials.

As you choose a tumbler, be sure to consider the size of the tumbler. You'll need to fill it completely before you can make your compost, so you don't want one that's too large, nor do you want one that's too small to fit your families needs. In fact you may want to consider using a tumbler with a dual bin so that you can always be adding to one bin and spinning the other - or simply purchasing two composters.

As you compare tumblers, be sure to pay attention to how you add material and remove compost from the tumbler. You want to be able to easily add and remove items from your compost machine and you also want to have a lid that fits securely so you don't end up dealing with animals invading your compost.

Last, check to see how the tumbler rotates. One of the benefits of this type of composting is how simple it should be to turn your compost. You want to make sure this is actually the case - which is why you may want to consider models that are priced a little higher.

Composting is a great way to reduce waste and to treat your landscaped areas to promote better plant growth. Composting tumblers make this an easy task for just about anyone!