Conserving Water in the Kitchen

Conserving Water in the Kitchen -Home water conservation, Water conservation tips, Water saving ideas.

Conserving Water in the Kitchen

Home water conservation, water conservation tips and water saving ideas to conserve this precious resource.

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Conserving water in the kitchen is a great way to "go green" at home.  Whether you are responsible for a monthly water bill or not, you'll want to do your part by saving water wherever you can.  There are lots of easy things that you can do with our water saving ideas without changing your lifestyle.

Following are a lot of simple water conservation tips that won't cost you anything, but will help with saving water in the kitchen.

Save Water

Water Saving Ideas for the Kitchen

Conserving Water Tips For Your Kitchen:

    Only run your dishwasher when you have a full load. You'll use the same amount of water for a small load as you will a large load, so it makes sense to only run it when you have a large load of dishes. Using a dishwasher can actually a more effective water conserving method than doing dishes by hand, as long as it's done properly.
    Do you find yourself using water to thaw food so you can make dinner?  Pre-planning your meals and taking meat out of the freezer early means that you don't have to use water to help thaw your food.

Start A Compost Pile
    Start a Compost Pile. If you typically use a garbage disposal, you know that you have to run the water every time your disposal is on. Composting will actually save energy and water as you'll use your disposal far less.
    Conserving water in the kitchen is easy when you install aerators on all of your faucets. You'll spend a few dollars on each faucet to purchase the aerator, but you can install them yourself and they'll reduce the water flow and save you a ton of water.

Home Water Conservation - Wash Vegtables Properly

Save Water Washing Vegetables
    Do you typically run the water as your wash vegetables for dinner? There's really no need to have a constant flow of water when washing veggies.
    Put a stopper in your sink and add a little water, or wash your vegetables in a basin with a few inches of water.
    If you don't have a water dispenser on your refrigerator, keep a pitcher of drinking water inside your refrigerator. You'll save water by not having to turn on the sink every time you want a glass.
    Do you have kids that constantly get glasses of water and then leave them half full all over the kitchen?  Conserving water that doesn't get consumed is simple. Use leftover water on house plants instead of pouring it down the drain.
Wash your hands

Turn Off Water When You Wash Your Hands is a Great Water Conservation Tip

    Get into the habit of turning off the water while you wash your hands.  Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your kitchen for times when you want clean hands but don't need a full wash.

Fix Faucet Leaks Immediately
    Fix leaks immediately. A typical faucet leak can be fixed quite easily and doesn't require the services of a professional. You may not think that a leak wastes much water, but over a short amount of time, hundreds of gallons can be wasted when a sink is leaking.
    When the time comes to replace your sinks, consider purchasing faucets that are low flow.  You may spend a little more up-front, but you'll save lots of water in the long run.

By implementing small changes in your habits, you can easily conserve thousands of gallons of water each month in the kitchen alone!

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