Cork Flooring

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Cork Flooring Prices

With cork flooring becoming so popular, find out how much you can plan to spend and which manufacturers you should search out.

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For anyone who is considering cork as an eco-friendly option for their home, cork flooring prices is going to be a concern.

This article will provide you with information on what you can expect to pay for cork flooring, as well as what you should look for when purchasing your cork floor, and a list of some of the best manufacturers of cork as a flooring option today.

Cork Floors Wide Ranging Colors

Cork Flooring Prices

Overview of Cork Flooring:

Cork flooring is a great eco friendly flooring choice because it's doubly green.

Cork flooring is made using remnants from the wine bottle cork industry. The material used to make corks for wine bottles comes from the cork tree, which is grown predominantly in Portugal.

The cork is removed from trees every nine years and removing the cork from the tree doesn't harm the tree at all.

Then, after corks are made for wine bottles, the remaining material is gathered and used to make flooring. That means cork flooring is both renewable and recycled. Doubly green!

Cork Flooring

Cork Bark Waiting For Shipment

The Top Cork Flooring Manufacturers:

A number of manufacturers now offer cork flooring. The cork flooring prices will vary widely based on the type of floor and the manufacturer that you use.

Some of the top manufacturers include:

American Cork Products: This manufacturer imports more than 30 different patterns, colors and surfaces of cork floors. There floors are commercially rated and come in tiles that can be installed by floating them over an underlayment.

Globus Cork: This manufacturer makes cork in vibrant, rich colors. Globus Cork offers pre-glued and refinished cork tiles as part of their line. They also offer specialty patterns and custom cuts and will ship worldwide.

Natural Cork, LLC: Natural Cork offers a wide range of cork tiles, mostly in natural colors. They offer tiles in a variety of sizes as well.

Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring Prices - Cork Flooring Tiles

Expanko: This company offers traditional cork tile flooring, as well as a Vallarex flooring, which requires no glue in the installation process.

The tiles are all 9" x 36" and the company offers nine different patterns. It can be installed over many finishes such as concrete, vinyl, hardwood, and more.

The Beauty of Cork Floors

Cork Flooring Prices - Choosing Your Cork

Choosing Your Cork Flooring:

Cork Flooring Prices - Understand the Differences Between Glue Down Vs. Floating Cork Flooring.

Until recently, cork was only manufactured in tiles that had to be glued down in order to be used as flooring. This type of cork floor must be installed over a flat, clean subfloor such as concrete or wood.

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Now, cork flooring is also available in a thicker, plank form. This type of cork floor has a tongue and groove locking system and can be installed in a floating form, which means that no glue is needed in installation.

As far as cork flooring prices, floating floors are slightly more expensive, but they have some advantages as well, such as easier installation and the ability to expand and contract which makes it a great choice to place over radiant heat flooring.

Cork Flooring Prices - Consider Color

Cork flooring often comes in natural colors because that's the color of the actual cork.

However, some manufacturers offer the flooring in a wide range of colors so you can get cork in basically any color you want. Just make sure the manufacturer is using an eco friendly coloring option when they change the color of the cork.

Cork Flooring Prices - Understand Different Finishes

When you purchase cork flooring, it will generally come with a finish already applied. For the most part, you'll find two finishes that are routinely pre-applied to cork flooring. Those two finishes are polyurethane and oil/wax.

Below, we'll explain more about each finish option.

Polyurethane: This finish provides a wonderful flooring protection. It increases the lifespan of cork and is very scratch resistant. It's also extremely easy to care for and only requires refinishing every few years.

Oil/Wax: This finish is more eco friendly because it's made from natural oils or waxes. It does require more frequent refinishing, but it makes repairing small imperfections easier because small areas can be refinished without the need to finish the entire floor. It also has the advantage of emphasizing the natural look and feel of cork and is easy to care for.

Shower Cork Floors

Cork Flooring Prices

Cork Flooring Prices:

Cork is definitely not the cheapest flooring option on the market. However, it's not the most expensive either, and given its many advantages, it's a great buy for the money.

Cork will typically cost as much as a quality tile to purchase and install. Typically the flooring is bought in 12 inch tiles, and the cork flooring prices for these tiles usually starts around $4 per tile.

Cork can be installed by a homeowner as a weekend project, but should you choose to have a professional install your cork floors, it will nearly double the cost of the floor, meaning it will cost between $6 and $8 to install.

As mentioned before, this is similar to the cost of tile as a flooring choice, however, cork has many benefits and it is environmentally friendly (and beautiful!) so we think it's worth every dollar that you'll spend to install it.