Cow Pots

Cow Pots - practice organic gardening.

Cow Pots

A great organic gardening alternative to plastic planting pots. Learn what they are, why there are green, and how to use them.

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Cow pots are a very eco-friendly alternative to plastic plant pots. These planting post are cow manure fiber-based pots used for seed starting. These earth-friendly pots are made with biodegradable 100% renewable composted cow manure. The processing procedure removes all weeds, pathogens and odor. You are left with a pot that is make from natural fiber.

This product helps farmers reduce the nutrient load on their farms which directly contributes to a better and cleaner environment and they have been proven to grow bigger, better plants. The also eliminate the need for plastic planting pots, which only end up in landfills. They're a great green alternative for both farmers and consumers.

How are they better that standard pots?

Unlike plastic planting pots, these allow root penetration through the sides of the pot, and free-fro wing roots means a healthier, more aggressive plant. They stay intact for at least 12 weeks, which gives you plenty of time to get them in the ground.

The great reward to these pots is that once they are placed in the ground and they begin to compose, the plant is rewarded with a great, natural fertilizer which helps it grow. It's like getting a planting pot and fertilizer all in one.

How to Use Cow Pots:

Fill the Cow Pots with soil mix and plant your seeds according to the planting directions.

Water and fertilize as usual following your seed packet directions.

When seedlings are mature enough for outdoor planting, plant the seedling and the pot in your garden and then water.

Manure biodegrades quickly, so in a few weeks the pot decomposes and the roots continue growth.

Cow Pots Green Product Facts:
    No odor, weeds, or contaminates
    Cowpots do not dry out as fast as plastic pots
    If kept dry that can be stored indefinitely
Available Sizes:

Cowpots are available in 3" and 4" sizes and sold in 12-packs The 3" pot has a 175mL capacity and the 4" has a 450mL capacity.

Cowpots were recently featured on the Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs. To view that episode click HERE.

Cowpots are truly a "green" material - both the manufacturing process and the final product are eco friendly.  They were one of ten recipients of the 2007 Green Thumb Award which is given by the Mail Order Gardening Association and they also received the 2008 Best of the Must-Haves Award from Joe Gardener.

To learn more about these great green products, including purchase locations, please click this CowPots Link.

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