Eco Friendly Air Conditioner

eco friendly air conditioner

Stay Cool With An Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner

Looking for a green way to stay cool this summer? Give the Delonghi PAC A120E a try, It is a great eco-frinedly air-conditioner.

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DeLonghi PAC A120E

DeLonghi PAC A120E

There's nothing better than the blast of air-conditioned air in the heat of a hot summer. But air conditioning has its drawbacks as well. First, it's expensive to run. It's also uses a lot of energy. If you're trying to save money on your cooling bills, trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, or you're looking for an air conditioner because you don't have central air in your home, this portable air conditioner by DeLonghi is both eco friendly and affordable.

I live in Georgia where almost everyone has central ACI have three air handling units outside my house! While I love a cool house, I hate hearing all three of those bad boys running all day long. To me, it sounds exactly like money flying out the window, especially since my bedroom doubles as my home office. My kids are gone all summer visiting their dad so I spend a lot of money cooling thousands of square feet that don't really get used very much!

For me, this eco friendly air conditioner solves most of my problems. I can use it in my bedroom/home office so I'm cool while I work, sleep, and hang out, and I can keep my larger central air units turned way up unless I need them or am having company over.

DeLonghi PAC A120E

DeLonghi PAC A120E

What Makes the DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner Eco Friendly?:
  • This portable air conditioner uses R140a refrigerant gas. This gas helps to protect the environment and ozone layer and is able to provide the same amount of cooling as other, less environmentally friendly types of refrigerant. R140a is a denser and more efficient gas than others that are commonly used in air conditioners, so it allows for the use of smaller compressors, evaporators, and piping.
  • This air conditioner uses a dripless system so there's never any water bucket that needs to be emptied. The eco friendly part of this is that all condensation is recycled through the machine.
  • This eco friendly air conditioner also features a 24-hour programmable timer that allows you to control the temperature based on when you will be home - a great way to save both energy and money.

The DeLonghi portable air conditioner also comes with a remote control, a caster kit, a window bracket, and an exhaust hose. It sits on wheels so it's simple to move from room to room depending on where you need more cooling power! It measures about 15 x 18 1/4 x 30 1/2 so it's compact as well.

Possibly the best part about this portable air conditioning unit is its price. At only $449, it's definitely more affordable than a lot of other options. You'll spend just a few minutes setting it up and then you'll be ready to enjoy a nice, cool room all summer long!