Eco Friendly Baby Toys

Eco Friendly Baby Toys -Wood Baby Toys, Best Baby Toys, Eco Friendly Toys.

Eco Friendly Baby Toys

As a parent, you want only the best for your kids. Choosing eco friendly toys such as natural wooden baby toys for a very sustainable toy collection.

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Parents of babies know that a lot of time and money is spent on toys for babies. At Green Living Made Easy, we much prefer eco friendly baby toys for a number of reasons. Why Buy Eco Friendly Baby Toys?

The most important reason to choose eco friendly toys is that they are typically safer. Ideally, a toy that is "green" won't contain any harmful chemicals, toxic paints, lead, etc. that parents worry about.

When it comes to toys, eco friendly means better for your child. Another reason to choose green toys is the environment.

So many toys today are made out of plastic. It's hard to recycle, so when the toys reach the end of their useful life-cycle, which is fairly quickly with children, the toys end up in a landfill, where they don't break down.

There are so many choices when buying toys for your baby and it can quickly become confusing if you are trying to figure out what's green and what's not.

Following the advice below will help to ensure that you choose toys that are both environmentally friendly and safe for your baby.

How to Choose Eco Friendly Toys
    Look for wooden baby toys. Because wood can be recycled and because it's often more durable than plastic, wooden toys are typically far more eco friendly than their plastic counterparts.
    When buying stuffed animals, look for items that are made with 100% organic cotton or bamboo. Organic fabrics are better for the environment and better for your baby because they haven't been treated with harmful chemicals and pesticides.
    Choose toys that will last a long time or will "grow" with your baby. Some toys today have more than one use. A toy that can be converted into something different as your child grows is more eco friendly than something that they'll only play with for a few months before outgrowing.

    Pay attention to packaging. An eco friendly baby toy can quickly lose a lot of it's appeal if it's stuck in a bunch of plastic packaging. Manufacturers know that cute packaging sells toys and that's why they use it.

    Try to avoid it if at all possible. Melissa and Doug, one of our favorite companies for eco friendly and wooden toys, often packages toys in wooden containers that can also be used to store the toy after purchase. We like this idea a lot!

    Check out toys that are made locally. China has come under a lot of criticism because of the lead that's been found in a lot of toys in recent years.

    However, there's another reason to stay away from toys that are made in foreign countries - they have to travel a lot of miles before they make it to your door!

    Look for toys that are dyed with water-based or organic dyes. They are much preferable to toys that have been dyed with synthetic dyes.

Who Makes Eco Friendly Baby Toys:

Melissa and Doug: While they don't market themselves as a "green" company, they engage in a lot of practices that we like.

Many of their toys are made from wood, which we like. They also stay away from packaging and make high-quality toys that will last for generations.

Haba Toys: Haba is a German company that's been making eco friendly toys since long before it was the cool thing to do. Almost all of their toys are made from natural wood and they always use non-toxic paints and finishes.

They've passed strict environmental standards in Europe, which ensures that their practices protect the environment.

Their toys are often slightly more expensive than others that you may be able to buy, but they're worth every penny and will last for years. Germans are known for inspired design and engineering (think BMW) and these toys are pretty cool as well!

Corolle: This company makes eco friendly baby dolls and clothing. The dolls are perfect for little hands and are made from phthalate-free vinyl and natural cotton. Their clothing is made from natural cotton as well.

Under the Nile: These guys do a great job at making eco friendly baby toys and use all organic fabrics, for both the outside and interior stuffing of all of their toys. They make lots of teething rings and other plush baby toys that you can feel good about having in your home and in your babies mouth - where everything seems to end up!