Eco Friendly Canister Vacuum

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Eco Friendly Canister Vacuum - Product Review

If anyone in your family is allergic to airborne particulates, this vacuum is a great healthy option.

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If you have allergies like I do, or if anyone in your family is at all sensitive to airborne particulates, you will want to pick up one of these exclusive eco friendly canister vacuums produced by the German Company Miele.

I have purchased several Miele products in the past and have found that their products are not only top-notch in terms of quality, they are a very environmentally conscious company including everything from providing healthy work areas for the employee production areas, recycled materials that are used in their products and attention to energy consumption, noise levels and much more that are built into their products..

Genuine Active HEPA Filter

Fits all S4 & S5 Galaxy Series Vacuums

Active HEPA makes your Miele into a certified HEPA Filtration System

Convert your machine to a certified HEPA Filtration Vacuum

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Eco Friendly Canister Vacuum - The HEPA Filter is The Key Element:

Airborne particulates often exist in our homes after stirring them up during an innocent task such as vacuuming the floors.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has completed comprehensive studies that link these airborne particles to such health effects as asthma and chronic bronchitis.

The particulates are so fine that you cannot see them with the naked eye unless you have some direct sunlight streaming into the room.

The particle typically measure 0.3 to 0.5 microns and as a result of being so fine, they are likely inhaled very deeply into your lungs.

These particulates are know to cause:

Irritation of our lung airways and as a minimum cause coughing or breathing.

Decreased lung function.

Irregular Heartbeat.

Heart Attacks.

Eco Friendly Canister Vacuum - Miele Style G/N HyClean Vacuum Cleaner Bags:

The Miele GN Hyclean dustbag filters exceptionally well thanks to it's 9-ply construction. The 9-ply bag also allows maximum airflow and performance.

The Miele GN Hyclean dustbag has a protective netting on the both the inside and outside of the bag to ensure there will be no bag breakage due to nails, screws and glass.

Every box of Miele Hyclean GN Bags contains 4 Hyclean dustbags, a Premotor filter and a Super Air Clean Filter.

These Dustbags Fit: Miele S400 Series, Miele S600 Series, Miele S800 Series and Miele S5000 (S5) Series.

The Miele GN Hyclean Dustbag has a hygiene shutter built-in to prevent dirt and debris from re-entering your house.

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Eco Friendly Canister Vacuum - Miele S5481:

Active HEPA filter captures allergens like dust mite feces and pollen and conforms

Sealed System construction of the canister keeps all the dust inside

Filter change indicator light lets you know when it's time to change the HEPA filter | Auto Power Setting Does the thinking for you.

Deluxe Handle Assembly is ergonomic, keeping the strain off your wrist Includes the Seb 217 Electric Power Brush

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Eco Friendly Canister Vacuum - What I Like About The Miele Eco Friendly Earth Canister Vacuum:

Filtration: The filtration of course is second to none on the market, but there is much more than this. The bags that are used with the Miele hold considerably more than the conventional canister vac's.

Also you need not dump the bag out, which creates a massive plume of dust (all of your particulates). You simply dump the entire eco-friendly bag with no dust and no fuss.

Quietness: This is the quietest vacuum that I have every used. Even though the Miele has two separate motors (vacuum and brush head), you can still enjoy vacuuming in a very quiet atmosphere as compared to other canister vacuums.

Cord Storage: This may seem rather insignificant, but this is a pet peeve of mine. The cord is stored inside the vacuum and the retract mechanism works flawlessly in about 2-3 seconds. This is a real plus for me , rather than constantly winding the cord around a couple of hooks on the back of the vac.

Also, the vacuum has an extra long cord to minimize transferring you power from outlet to outlet, which is always a pain for me.

Low Clearance Brush Head: The low profile of the brush head allows easy access beneath most furniture. The handle also bends down completely to floor level.

Eco Friendly Canister Vacuum - Enjoy Vacuuming With This Unit? - Maybe:

The bottom line is that it just doesn't get any better than this in the canister vacuum market. Miele has engineered this unit in their typically very thorough fashion and the results are very obvious.

If you can afford the almost $1,000 outlay of cash for this unit you would be disappointed. Every time I use mine I almost look forward to vacuuming - not quite yet though.