Eco Friendly School

Eco Friendly School - eco friendly pencils, eco friendly bags, stainless steel water bottles.

Eco Friendly School

Get eco-friendly school supplies such as eco friendly pencils, eco friendly bags and stainless steel water bottles.

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It's hard to have an eco friendly school routine. Just getting your kids ready for school each year requires you to purchase lots of consumable items. And, if you have children in school, you know that they come home with a lot more stuff than what you sent them to school with each day!

Learning how to green your child's school routine is much more than just buying recycled paper, it's knowing what products are good, what to stay away from and having inventive ideas for managing all the paper they bring through your front door each day! We'll help you will all of it!

Choosing Eco Friendly School Supplies

One of the most important things you can do when preparing your child to go to school is to make eco friendly school supply choices whenever possible.

There are lots of items you can buy for your child at prices very close to what you are used to paying that are better for the environment and better for your child! Here's a list to get you started:


Green Backpack

Many traditional backpacks are made from petroleum byproducts and pesticide treated cotton. When buying your child a new backpack for school, look for a backpack that has been made with recycled material, organic cotton, or hemp.

You can even find backpacks today that have been made from recycled plastic bottles - how cool is that?

Recycled Paper Products

This one goes without saying, but is easily overlooked. You can buy just about any paper product your child uses at school made from recycled content. This includes notebooks, loose leaf paper, folders, 3-ring binders, etc. Look for the recycled sign on these items.

Last year, we decided to make the change to these Recycled Binders and if I'm being honest, my kids were a little wary at first. They didn't like the fact that they were plain brown. However, that's a problem that's easily solved. All you have to do is turn your plain brown recycled binder into a craft project.

Kids can color or paint on their binder. You can also print coloring pages of their favorite television or movie characters from one of many free sites on the internet and then attach the colored picture to the binder. Get creative and they'll have an eco friendly binder that they love.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

First of all, most plastic water bottles are made for one use and are then thrown away - adding an enormous amount of waste to our landfills each year. On top of that, there is a growing concern that some plastic water bottles contain something called Bisphenol A, which has been linked to things like breast cancer, uterine cancer, insulin rejection, and Type 2 diabetes. Making the switch to stainless steel water bottles is better for the environment and better for your kids - plus they come in really cool colors and styles! Your kids will love them and they'll set a good example for other kids - so they'll be eco friendly at school too.

Green Living Made Easy loves the Eco Canteen stainless steel water bottles.  They start at $9.95, come in different sizes, and colors, have a one year warranty, and are great for kids to take to school. We've been using the same set for more than two years and they are still working out great - I figure we've saved hundreds of dollars and kept more than a thousand plastic water bottles out of landfills just by making that one small change.

Eco Friendly School Pencils and Pens

PaperMate has a line of fully recycled pencils and there are many manufacturers now that are making biodegradable pens. Choose these over the traditional choices.

Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils

When it comes to these things, make sure that you are buying non-toxic items.

You can find lots of great eco friendly school supplies in the Green Living Made Easy Store. We research and test all items we promote so you don't have to worry about it.

Eco Friendly School - Getting There and Back

Getting kids to and from school poses another concern. If you are driving your kids to school each day and picking them up, it adds up to a large carbon footprint pretty quickly. Here's some ideas to help green your transportation routine.

Walk: If you live close enough to school to walk, make it a habit to do it at least once a week, more if you can. If your kids are too small to walk alone, walk with them. It's great exercise and studies show that physical activity helps kids to concentrate.

Ride Your Bike: This has the same benefits as walking - it's good for the environment and good for for you and your child. If you can't do it every day, make it a habit to do when you can.

Take the Bus: The bus is a form of mass transportation so the fumes that it puts into the air are at least divided by the number of children that are carried on it, which makes it far better than each child being driven to school in a separate car.

Carpool: Sometimes, you've got to drive your kids to school, there is simply no other choice. If possible, try to take turns carpooling with other families

Eco Friendly School: What about ALL that paper?

Your kids bring home lots of paper from school. They bring worksheets, tests, reports, artwork, and more. Don't throw all that paper in the garbage - here are some

Use Art Project as Artwork: You can frame projects that your child has completed and use them to decorate their room. You can also hang a rope across a wall in their room and then clip artwork to it with clothespins for a cute decorated look.

Use Art Papers to Wrap Gifts: Use your child's artwork and tests with good grades to wrap presents. This is especially good for presents going to grandparents and other family members. They love to see what your kids are doing and you'll be saving money and the earth.

Use Papers for Scrap Paper: You can cut paper into 1/2 or 1/4ths and then staple it together for a little notepad. Little kids love coloring and writing in these. Keep a few sheets with one clear side in your office for doodling or writing lists. Your kids can also color on the backs of paper.

Shred and Use as Packing Material: Shred old worksheets and other papers and then use them as packing material when sending something in the mail. This is a great way to reuse your child's work, especially worksheets and other thins that don't care about.

Recycle: Always recycle instead of throwing paper in the trash when you are finally done with it!

One last tip, talk to your child's teacher or principal about how you can work together to create a more eco friendly school for everyone. Try to be the voice of change in your community - start a newspaper recycling program, or an ink cartridge program that may make the school some money while also teaching green principles.

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