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Eco Friendly Shoes For Kids

Green kid shoe solutions with sustainability in mind. Read these tips before buying shoes for kids.

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Green kids shoes have hit the market, and they are getting more popular all the time. The shoe industry is considered one of the most polluting in the world. Most shoes are made in Asia and South America, and the average shoe has traveled 11,000 miles before it ends up on the foot of your child!

A handful of environmentally friendly companies have taken that information to heart and are working to create green kids shoes that are both good for your child's feet and easy on the environment.

We'll talk more about eco friendly shoes that are available soon...but first, here's some information about the harmful effects of traditional shoes manufacturing.

Traditional Shoe Manufacturing

Most shoes on the market today are composed of about 12 different materials. The bulk of those materials are synthetic and consumed in their raw form. In fact, many shoes are made from petroleum based chemicals, which are harmful for the environment.

Working conditions for those working in shoe factories overseas are often far below anything that would be considered acceptable. Not only do these employees work long hours for little pay, they are also subjected daily to paint and fumes.

As I mentioned before, the average pair of shoes travels 11,000 miles before it ends up on your child's feet. If you are concerned about being green, that alone might make you decide to consider eco friendly shoes.

Buying Green Kids Shoes

Thankfully, a lot of companies have begun to see the need for shoes that are more eco friendly and there are some great choices on the market. The best news is that you can now buy eco friendly shoes in about any style and they are priced pretty close to any other shoe.

Payless has even started carrying a line of eco shoes. If you are planning to buy some new sustainable footwear, learn about the maker of the shoes to be sure their practices are truly green. What makes a shoe "green" could vary significantly by the manufacturer, some sustainable practices include:

    Manufacturing shoes entirely in the United State and paying fair wages to all employees.
    Using recycled materials, including hemp, bamboo, old tires, organic cotton, etc.
    Companies that have a recycle program to accept used shoes that they will then recycle in order to manufacture other products.
    Companies who invest in environmental cause
    Manufacturers that use only formaldehyde-free leather
Where to Buy Environmentally Friendly Shoes

There are a growing number of retailers that sell confidently shoes. A few of my favorites include:

Amazon Eco Friendly Shoes offers a growing line of eco friendly shoes. Their prices are extremely reasonable and they offer name brands, including Timberland, and Keen.

Reuse Old Shoes

Reuse Old Shoes

Other Ways to be Green

Buying eco friendly shoes isn't your only option when it comes to being green. Here are some tips to help you become more eco friendly when it comes to your kids footwear.

Reduce: There are so many cute shoes out there and it's tempting to buy them all, but reducing your shoe consumption is important. Kids grow out of shoes quickly, so make a commitment to purchase only what they need at the time.

Reuse: Kids, especially babies and toddlers, grow out of their shoes long before they've made it through their useful life. If you have shoes that your kids are done with that still have some wear left in them, donate them to a local charity. There are lots of families who can't afford to purchase new shoes who will benefit from your generosity. The environment will benefit as well!

Recycle: If you have an old pair of shoes that can't be worn anymore, recycle them. Unfortunately, you probably can't drop them off at your local recycle station, but Nike will accept any brand of athletic shoe as part of its reuse-a-shoe program. If you live near to a Nike store, you can simply drop off old shoes. You can also ship them to Nike.

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