Eco Friendly Toys

Eco Friendly Toys -melissa and doug toys haba wood toys and more.

Eco Friendly Toys

Choosing Toys that are good for the environment and safe for your children is important

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Parents are starting to demand eco toys, and toy manufacturers are beginning to respond to those demands. Recent concerns about lead in toys has brought the need for eco friendly and sustainable toys to the forefront of many parents minds.

If you've decided that you'd like to start purchasing more sustainable toys for your children, you may be looking for some advice on how and what to buy. We'll help you on your way. We'll also provide you with advice on being more green with the toys that your children already own.

Eco Friendly Toys

Eco Friendly Toys

What is an Eco Friendly Toy?
    Toys that are made with recycled materials are eco friendly.
    Toys and stuffed animals made with 100% organic cotton
    Toys that are made with metal or aluminum are desirable because they are easily recycled.
    Toys that are dyed with water-based or organic dyes are better than toys dyed with synthetic products.
    Toys that are well-made are inherently more eco friendly than toys that break immediately and have to be thrown away.
    Toys that are made close to home have a lower carbon footprint.
    Toys that can be recycled are preferred to toys that need to be thrown away.
    Toys that come in minimal or no packaging.
    Toys that are made from wood that is grown in managed forests.
    Toys that bear the fair trade label, which shows that the workers who made the toys were paid a fair wage and that they work under good conditions.
Where to Buy Eco Toys

Many small toy shops are now offering eco friendly toy alternatives. There are also some reputable online stores that offer a wide assortment of eco friendly toys, and some large toy chains are also beginning to offer better toys to their line of products. Here's a list to help you get started:

Planet Happy Kids Worldwide Child offers a wide range of eco friendly toys including natural, organic, and fairly traded toys. They explain what makes each item eco friendly and offer free shipping on any order over $69.00.

Amazon offers a wide range of eco friendly toys for kids of all ages.

Toys-R-Us has started offering a line of eco-toys. We hope they'll continue to add more options in the future!

Check your local toy stores, especially those that are privately owned. Small, specialty shops are more likely to carry eco toys than large retailers like Wal-Mart.

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Companies that Make Eco Friendly Toys

Melissa and Doug
One of our favorite toy companies, Melissa and Doug is based in the United States. They don't necessarily market their toys as green, however, most of them are. A large percentage of their toys are made from wood, which makes them more eco friendly than plastic toys right off the bat.

They are extremely durable - the kind of toys that you're grandkids will play with some day. Another thing we love about toys made by Melissa and Doug is that they are extremely reasonably priced.

You'll pay less for high-quality Melissa and Doug Toys than for many plastic toys, but you'll feel better knowing that they are eco friendly toys that are made well.

The only downfall to these toys is that they are made in China, so they have to travel a long way to reach a store shelf in the United States. However, Melissa and Doug are serious about the safety of their toys, and every item returns to their warehouse to be tested before it's sold.

HABA Toys: Another one of our favorite companies is Haba. Based in Germany, this toy manufacturer has been making wooden toys since 1938. Germany is well known for their quality - think BMW - and these toys are no exception.

They are another company that doesn't market themselves as eco friendly, but their toys are made largely from wood and they are always coated in non-toxic paint.

Like Melissa and Doug, their toys are reasonably priced when compared to popular plastic brands. The difference is that they'll last much longer and they are safer for the environment.

It is important to note that Haba has also passed a very strict environment standard in Europe that ensures that they actively protect the environment during every step of the production process.

If you need some help choosing eco friendly toys, visit The Best Kids Toys to get great reviews on lots of eco friendly toys.