Eco Vacation

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Eco Vacation

Take the ultimate eco vacation and stay close to home, find out how to do this in this informative article.

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Another great idea to have a eco vacation with your family and save some money at the same time is to have a staycation instead of a vacation.

This is a relatively new term and the basic idea is to stay close to home instead of traveling far away.

Eco Vacation - Take the Time to Plan

Eco Vacation - Take the Time to Plan

Most people don't see nearly all the cool things there are to see in their own areas so staying close to home can be a lot of fun and get you out doing things you wouldn't normally do.

Here are some eco vacation or staycation tips you can use to stay close to home while still enjoying all the benefits of a real vacation.

Eco Vacation - Plan Like Any Other Vacation:

The best eco vacation, staycation tip I can give you is to plan it like it's any other trip you ever went on.

Have start and end dates and plan activities and other things to do, even though you'll be staying close to home.

Eco Vacation - Pretend to be a Tourist

Eco Vacation - Pretend to be a Tourist

Eco Vacation - Pretend You're a Tourist:

Visit travel websites, like, to find things to do. Have tourist information about your local area sent to you.

Do research just like you would do if you were traveling far from home. There may be things close to home that you didn't even know existed, even if you've lived in the same place a long time.

Get the whole family involved in the eco vacation planning - that's what makes it fun!

Eco Vacation - Set A Budget:

Another great eco vacation, staycation tip is to create and stick to a budget just like you would if you were going on any other trip.

Staying close to home will likely save you money, but you can easily spend more than you intended to spend if you don't plan ahead.

Eco Vacation - Stay Close to Home

Eco Vacation - Stay Close to Home

Eco Vacation - Declare a Choratorium:

If you're staying at your own home for your vacation, stop all chores and cleaning-type stuff that you possibly can while you're having your staycation.

Sure, you'll have to do dishes and maybe wash some clothes, but don't worry so much about things like making beds and regular weekly cleaning.

That can all be done when you get home from your staycation. It won't feel like a real vacation if you spend the whole time cleaning.

If you're on a true staycation, don't use the time taking care of household repairs or projects - that's a great idea for time off work, but not the point of this type of vacation! You are supposed to be relaxing!

Eco Vacation - Plan to Dine Locally

Eco Vacation - Plan to Dine Locally

Eco Vacation - Plan Your Meals Too:

If you're staying at home, packing food to take on day trips and eating at home for breakfast and dinner is a great way to save money and be eco friendly at the same time, but it can be stressful for whoever is in charge of all the cooking to have to do that while they are supposed to be on vacation.

Try to plan at least a few meals out during your staycation. If you want to really go green, look for local restaurants that also serve food from local farms. Lots of restaurants are doing their part to become more eco-friendly too, so try to eat at places that are doing something good for the environment to maximize your impact.

Having an eco vacation can save a lot of money and it's easier on the environment since you won't be flying or using a lot of gas in your own car driving to your destination. If you're able to stay in your own home, you'll save even more money and be even more green.

Don't look at a eco vacation as a let-down - it's a great way to get to know your local area, have fun with your family, and save money too!