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Electricity Savings - New Construction

Learn what you can do during the planning stages of your new home to drastically cut your electric bills.

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When we begin planning for a new home, we all can do quite a bit of design work, or give a lot thought to things we can do around the house to save electricity.

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Electricity Savings: New Construction - Authors Rendering

In this article we are going to talk about sweeping changes you can implement to dramatically save energy and join into the 'green movement', to any degree you desire.

Naturally if you can start with a clean slate or a clean piece of paper the planning can be in broader brush strokes as we aren't hampered by the cost of re-working already established systems in the home.

So the process of design electricity savings for a new home has many advantages over that of an existing one.

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The information provided herein is not intended to be used to actually design your home for you.

Its purpose is to get you to 'think' about what you should be considering, give you design opportunities, and possibly be better prepared when meeting with your design professional, when designing your home. .

Be armed with knowledge and your result will be a much better designed and more energy efficient home and wind up with greater electricity savings potential.

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Electricity Savings: Authors Rendering

Electricity Savings: New Construction

I'm not going to say that this is easier, because it's really not.

You have major decisions to make when first designing a home and how you design the electrical portion of the home, what systems to include (you can afford), what system you can add later, and what systems are out of the question for your area and/or budget.

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Electricity Savings: Plan Before Purchase

Electricity Savings - Plan Before Purchase:

The first major step in electricity savings is to make an analysis of the site that you will be building your home on.

You do have this already don't you? If not, you should not put a pencil to paper in design work, other than establishing your program statement for your project.

Note: The program statement is the written form of what the owner's wants and needs are, documents in a logical format that the architect can understand and translate into graphical format.

Architectural Rendering

Electricity Savings - Site Criteria - Authors Rendering

Electricity Savings - Overview of Items To Consider:

Here is the short list of things we will cover in developing energy saving techniques that you can use for a newly constructed home...

Site Criteria

Floor Plan Orientation

Glazing Design

Cross Ventilation

Heating/Cooling Options

Energy Efficient Lighting Options

Alternative Energy Sources

We will cover each of these topics in separate articles. Just click on the links above as they become available or use the navigation in the right sidebar.