Energy Efficient Garage

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Energy Efficient Garage

Energy Efficient Garage | The garage may be the last place people think they can save energy, but there are a lot of areas tho be found. We will look a lighting and ventilation systems.

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If your garage is attached to the house and you most likely share a common wall with your garage. Depending on the age of your home, that wall may or may not be insulation.

Get it checked out and have insulation blown into the stud cavities if it isn't insulated. Another area to check out is the integrity of the attic spaces and if there is an insulation barrier between the garage attic and the living spaces.

Another energy leakage culprit can be the door that leads from the garage to the living space. This should be a well-sealed insulated door. Check to see that there is Weather stripping around the perimeter and a good seal at the threshold of the door.

If you heat or partially heat your garage, for a work shop for instance, be sure to check all walls for proper insulation.

Attics should be checked as well as should proper ventilation if you have an attic space. You don't want to cause ice dams on your roof if you heat the garage. Check our page on Attic Ventilation for additional tips and remedies for fixing poor attic ventilation.

Energy Efficient Garage - Check Your Weather Seals:

Also install good Weather Seals on all of the garage doors. They are notorious for loosing a lot of energy. Pickup some good seals and place around the perimeter of each door.

Also rework the Sill Seal if it doesn't seat properly were it joins the floor. If you do have a workshop or are planning a workshop in the garage or at least part of the garage, consider a Wood-Burning Stove as a viable alternative to a gas-fired heat source. With a wood burner you can get rid of those scraps of wood or save up knocked-down limbs and branches and cut them up for your shop heating source.

My husband has a wood burner in his shop and absolutely loves it. It give the shop a real "down home" feeling and unfortunately it is hard to get him in the house on some cold winter days when he has it fired up. Here are some excellent sources for wood-burners.

Garage Exhaust Fans

Energy Efficient Garage - Garage Exhaust Fans

Energy Efficient Garage - Garage Exhaust Fan:

If you really want a green garage that is energy efficient you will not want to run a furnace duct run or run(s) to your garage. You will want to go with the wood-burner idea above.

But what about car exhaust fumes? You should install a good Garage Exhaust Fan to take care of the fumes. This can be set on a timer and come on when the garage door opens.

Set it to run for several minutes to remove all traces of exhaust gases. This fan can do double duty if hubby decides to stink up the garage with a special project he is working on.

Be aware though that not all garage exhaust fans are explosion proof. If excess fumes are accumulated in the garage or excessive amounts of air-borne dust particles, the likelihood of an explosion by an electrical device are risky. You should then go with the extra bucks for an explosion-proof fan and be sure to include all the wiring and devices that go with it.

Energy Efficient Garage: Use CFL's

Saving Electricity in the Garage: Do you have incandescent light bulbs in your garage? Remove them if you do and at a minimum replace them with Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL's). They take about 1/4 of the energy and last up to 10 times longer.

If you are looking to bring a lot more light into the garage for better task lighting consider the purchase of T8 Fluorescent Light Fixtures with electronic ballasts.

These through out a tremendous amount of light yet use a trickle of electricity. Also look for color corrected bulbs if you are doing anything with color matching, painting or other color sensitive work.

Energy Efficient Green Garage - Natural Lighting:

Consider bringing more natural lighting into your garage atmosphere. If you are going to convert a stall of your garage to a workshop consider replacement of the garage door with an solid window wall of glass.

This is easy and inexpensive to do and you will flood your shop (or garage) with nice natural lighting. Be sure to save the garage door section in the event of a sale of the home. Use glass that is double or triple glazed with a Low "E" coating for energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Garage - Add Windows:

If your garage is windowless or has very few windows, take a look at the addition of windows option. As long as your are cutting in windows, the bigger the better. It doesn't cost that much more to put in a 4' x 8' window vs. a 4'x 4' window.

The labor is practically the same and the window price does not double by doubling the size (unless you use tandem windows). Also make sure it blends in aesthetically with the architecture of your home.

Get a qualified contractor to do this as this is not a do-it-yourself chore. You can run into electrical and structural problems that you best leave to the experts.

Also consider the addition of Tubular Skylight Shafts that bring light in from the roof. They are made in 10" and 14" diameter models.

The 10" will light a 150 square foot area and the 14" will light a 300 square foot area. Just think, 2 of the 14" diameter tubular skylights will light a standard double stall garage!

These things are really efficient and save a lot of energy to boot. They are easy to install and quite inexpensive. ( I still like to supplement with windows to see out of though).

The Last Word - Energy Efficient Garage:

Change out your bulbs in your overhead garage door operators to Compact Fluorescent's. Again, most operators just come with a standard incandescent bulb. Better yet, just remove the bulbs if you don't need them.

Also, if you operator will allow it, change the length of time that the light stays on after a door movement.

Let's Go With That Energy Efficient Garage!

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