Energy Efficient Kitchen

Energy Efficient Kitchen -Save energy in the kitchen, energy efficient refrigerator, energy star oven.

Energy Efficient Kitchen

Learn how to save both water and electricity to save energy in the kitchen. Start with a energy efficient refrigerator and energy star oven

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    Check the temperature in your refrigerator and freezer. The refrigerator should be set between 37 and 40 and the freezer should be set at 5 degrees.
    Keep your refrigerator and freezer full, but not completely overloaded.
    Vacuum your condenser coils every few months. This keeps them working better and more efficiently.
    When cooking, plan ahead by taking out all the ingredients that you need for your meal so you aren't opening and closing the refrigerator all the time.
    Try not to place your refrigerator in direct sunlight or next to your stove or range.
    If your refrigerator has an open door alarm, set it so that you will know if the door has been left open.
Energy Efficient Refrigerator

Energy Efficient Kitchen - Check Your Refrigerator Door

Check Your Refrigerator Door For Tightness
    Make sure that your refrigerator door is closing tightly enough by placing a dollar bill in the door (with part of it sticking out). Shut the door and pull the dollar, if it comes out easily you are losing cold air and wasting energy.
    Unplug your smaller kitchen appliances when they are not in use or hook them all up to one surge strip that can be easily turned off.
Boiling Pot

Size Your Pans To Your Cooktop

When cooking on the stove top, place pans on burners that fit the size of the pan (i.e., don't put a small pan on your largest burner - you are only wasting gas or electric).

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Compact Flourescent Bulbs

Have An Energy Efficient Kitchen With CFL's

Make an Energy Efficient Kitchen With CFL's?

Change all of the light bulbs in your kitchen to  Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

    For small cooking jobs, use the microwave, it uses much less energy than your stove or oven.
    When the time comes to purchase new appliances, pay close attention to Energy Star ratings and buy the most energy efficient appliance possible.
    A great way to create a more energy efficient kitchen is to start a compost pile . Composting means less food in your garbage disposal, which is less energy used overall!
Full Dishwasher

Run Dishwasher With A Full Load

Save Energy in the Kitchen by Running a Full Dishwasher Load
    Only run your dishwasher when you have a full load. It requires just as much energy to run a small load as it does a small one, so wait until it's full.
    During summer months, consider making meals that don't require the use of your oven. The oven heats your house and will require additional air conditioning to keep your home cool.
    Another way to create a more energy efficient kitchen is to limit your use of hot water in the kitchen as much as possible. Use cold water to rinse vegetables and for all other kitchen chores that don't absolutely require the use of hot water.
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