Flying Green

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Flying Green

While flying is very convenient, it is tough on the environment. We will give you some tips to make your flying a little bit greener.

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Flying is extremely convenient, but flying green is a little tough.

The fact is that flying is pretty tough on the environment.

The good news is that planes today are 70% more efficient than they were 40 years ago, but the aviation's share of CO2 emissions is currently 2%.

Eco Friendly Travel - Flying Green

Eco Friendly Travel - Flying Green

Flying Green - Usually This Is a Decision Made by the Airlines

So, the question is, what can you to to make your flying green?

That's sort of another issue, because a lot of it is up to the airline, and not the individual passenger.

For example, if you end up on a fully booked plane, it's far more eco-friendly than flying on a plane that's only half full.

Of course, that has nothing to do with you.

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Fly Green - Most Fuel Expent On Take-Off

So, again, what can you do to fly green?

The most important thing that you can do is to try to choose direct flights whenever possible.

Because the vast majority of fuel is burned during take-off and landing, it makes sense to take off and land as little as possible.

Plus, when possible, flying direct is just way more convenient than dealing with lots of connecting flights - and possible delays.

Of course, price and availability play a factor in whether or not you can find (and afford) direct flights to your destination.

While this method of flying green is only partly under your control, it's best to do whatever you can.

Flying Green - Pack Lightly

Flying Green - Pack Lightly

Flying Green - Pack Lightly

The only other thing you can really do to help when flying is to pack as lightly as possible.

You may think that what you pack can't possibly have an impact on how much fuel a commercial airplane uses, but if all passengers took 5 pounds less stuff on all their flights it would make a big difference!

As with all aspects of going green, everyone doing their little part makes a big difference over time.

Fly Green - Renewable and Alternative Fuel Policies

Beyond that, there isn't much that you can do on your own to make flying greener.

Currently, Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Airlines bought 15 787 Dreamliners, and as part of the deal forced Boeing and General Electric to form a partnership to test alternative fuels in 747's.

He has also pledged to spend $400 million dollars on renewable and alternative energy projects.

Hopefully more airlines will follow his lead and soon flying will be more eco friendly than ever before.

Virgin Airlines

Fly Green - Virgin Airlines