Garage Storage Cabinets

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Garage Storage Cabinets

Garage Storage Cabinets | Achieve a greener garage by being organized. Learn how to create storage for your garage with these garage storage solutions and make room for your green car.

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Most garages that I have seen are basically an unorganized mess. Sure there are exceptions, but for the most part our garages become the catch-all for everything that we don't have room for in our living spaces.

After all, no company comes in the garage do they? Maybe so, and if they do your unorganized garage can be a embarrassment to you and your guests.

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Some people opt for a rental storage space that turns out to be expensive and inconvenient. Why not invest one years' worth of rental into a great looking Garage Storage Cabinet system?

With a few of these quick tips and Some Garage Storage Cabinets that will provide you with a neat organized garage, you will want to show it off rather than shut the door and walk away.

First Step - Sort Out Your Recyclables:

Before we get into the Garage Storage Cabinets and garage storage solutions, you first thing you will want to do is to sort and conquer.

Recycle Symbol

First Step? Recycle

This may seem like a basic step, but it is one where we have to roll up our sleeves and get it done. Start by sorting out all of the recyclable materials that you wish to dispose.

Depending on your waste hauler or recycle station, you should sort out 3 distinct groups of items. If you have large waste containers or recycling bins, this job will be much easier.

Otherwise, tough trash bags will do the trick for most of the lighter items and plastic containers available a Lowe's or Home Depot will work for the heavy stuff..

Glass and Plastic: Glass (Non-refundable):

This should be anything made of glass. Plastic including milk bottles, water bottles etc. Separate out the refundable cans and bottles and return to the store.

Paper products:

Newspapers and cardboard (be sure to break down boxes) magazines office waste, paper towels etc.

Toxic Substances:

Old Paint, Aerosol Spray, Turpentine, Lacquer, Hair spray etc. Next take a trip to your local recycle and dispose of this materials. That is your first green chore and your garage should look like the diet plan you put it on is starting to work.

Hold a Yard or Garage Sale:

If you have things in your garage that you haven't used for a year or more, it's likely that you won't use it at all. Get together with a few of your neighbors and recycle by letting someone else make great use of your clutter.

Garage Sale Cartoon

Hold a Garage Sale

A side bonus of a garage sale is that you can pickup a few bucks while you do this. You also can give your home a cleaning out at the same time.

Use the money that you make from the garage sale and invest it in the Garage Storage Cabinet system.

What do we have left?

Does hubby want a work area that he never had room for? Need room for all of the house maintenance stuff like assorted ladders, buckets, car care stuff, lawn care materials, gardening equipment and tools, pool toys & equipment, beach toys, woodworking tools and shop equipment on more.....

Garage Storage Cabinets:

Green Living Made Easy prefers the Gladiator GarageWorks series of garage storage solutions. We have had assorted systems, such as cabinets made from poured resins, particle board covered with thin laminate or melamine, plastic shelves - you name it.

Sure they all look fine - at first. Then the shelves sag over time the doors no longer close and they look tired really fast.

In the garage you need a tough solution, like Tim Taylor on Home Improvement used to say, you need a "Man's Garage"!

The Gladiator GarageWorks garage storage solutions will give you the beef. They are rugged, made from welded steel, look great in the garage and have about every accessory you can think of.

They have storage cabinets, upper cabinets, storage bins, tool hanging accessories, work surfaces and all of the items necessary to get things off the floor or leaning up against the wall and in their proper place.

The cabinets are even on heavy duty casters so you can roll them around to the area of use and then roll them back into place when completed. These cabinets are tested to up to 4 times their rated load carrying capacity so they will withstand just about anything you can place in them.

Here are some options you will want to check out:

Gladiator Gearbox Cabinets: Drawer Cabinets Both tall Garage Storage Cabinets and Work Height Garage Storage Cabinets, work cabinets filled with drawers and a lot more.

Gladiator GarageWorks Workbenches: Worksurfaces, Stools, Plugstrips

Gladiator GarageWorks Wall Systems: Wall Strips, Wall Cabinets, Bins Etc. Place these on your walls and attach as many components as you want. Purchase some now and add to them later.

Gladiator GarageWorks Wall Components: Wall Components, Hoods, Bins, Accessories Load these up with your garden tools, power garden accessories, trimmers, blowers, rakes, shovels, step ladders, extension ladders, and whatever you want to hand on the wall. There is a component to meet your needs.

My husband installed the Gladiator GarageWorks Garage Storage Cabinets in our garage and I could not believe how much better the garage looks. There are no longer things standing in corners, up against walls, scattered on the floor or in an unorganized disaster.

He now has a great work area that is neat, clean and well organized. He can find anything he wants immediately and can put things back out of sight or neatly hanging on the wall.

I could store all my planting and landscape care tools, equipment and supplies in a couple of central tall wall cabinets and use one of the work benches for some of my necessary potting or repair operations.

The kids bikes are neatly hanging on the wall for winter storage and all the assorted ladders, tools and equipment is nicely stored in a very organized manner.

Additional Garage Storage Solutions:

Is your garage unfinished? If so, consider adding 1/4" pegboard to all the walls. It comes in 4' x 8' sheets and looks great for the garage. You can finish it out with wood trim at the base and top and in corners if you turn the corner.

A distinct advantage of the pegboard, is that there is a wide array of pegboard hooks, shelves and adapters that you can use anywhere on the wall. This will give you great flexibility and will supplement the garage storage solutions above.

If your garage has finished drywall or plaster or even unfinished wallboard, I would recommend placing the pegboard over 1/2" wood furring strips. This will allow you place the hooks in place without digging into the wallboard.

While you are giving your garage a new facelift, consider coating your floor with one of the 2-Part Epoxy Paints that are formulated especially for garage floors.

Most of these paints come with a shake-on fleck or chip additive that looks really cool in your new green garage. It gives you a hard, durable surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

One more thing: Use light paint for ceiling and wall treatments to get the most from your natural and artificial lighting.

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