Garden Design Ideas

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Garden Design Ideas

From designing the organic garden to controlling pests with organic pest control, we will give you the inside scoop on an eco friendly garden

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Garden Design Ideas #1: Garden Design with raised beds saves on valuable compost that we produce, fertilizer requirements, and insect control. Just be careful to design your beds so you can comfortably reach across the bed to at least the half-way point to remove fruits and veggies and to maintain the bed and you do not want to step on the bed itself.

With this type of garden design the beds are usually raised from 8" to 12", which will allow for better soil drainage. The raised beds also tend to keep the beds warmer because the sun can shine of the sides of the bed as well as the top.

Consider Raised Beds For Your Garden

Consider Raised Beds For Your Garden

Though there are many methods and materials used for raised beds, by far the most popular type of material is a bed with wooden sides. This wood should be treated and rated for contact with soil.

Incorporate Flowers Into Your Vegetable Garden:

Garden Design Ideas #2: Another popular design tip is to include some flowers within the garden itself. What this will do is bring your garden into the fore-front in your landscape plans an there is less of a tendency to tuck the vegetable garden into a dark corner, out of sight from the rest of the yard.

We will have a special section on this site specifically for Flower Gardens, so you may want to visit that for additional ideas for your garden design.

Add Some Spice To Your Garden With Herbs

Add Some Spice To Your Garden With Herbs

Garden Design Ideas #3: Also consider bringing herbs into your garden design. If you dedicate a special area specifically to the herb garden it will bring lots of color and pleasant smells into your garden design. An added side benefit is that certain herbs tend to repel fly's and other harmful insects from your entire yard.

So, another consideration is to place your garden upwind from your prevailing wind direction so these pleasant odors can cover your entire yard and garden.

Companion Plants:

Garden Design Ideas #4: Certain plants thrive together and others should be separated from each other. Here are a few tips on segregation of your vegetable plants:

    Carrots and Dill
    Beans and Onions
    Broccoli and tomatoes
    Beans and Onions

It's not that these vegetables should not be planted in the same garden, just give them some distance from each other, like the next row or in the adjacent bed.

Bring Some Flair Into Your Garden Design:

Garden Design Ideas #5: Another option is to get out of your rectilinear thought process with your design. Consider sweeping rows that curve in and out.

Design A Free-Form Garden

Add Interest To Your Garden

Maybe even some undulation in the beds themselves, such as small gentle berms, which could vary in height by a couple of feet. Another thought is to bring the garden and landscaping together and integrate the forms, textures and colors.

Here's Some Great Sources For Bare Root Plants:

Just select an supplier from the drop down menu bar below and then select the "GO" button to go directly to their site to shop.

Combine All Elements To Make An Interesting Garden

Combine All Elements To Make An Interesting Garden

The Power of Threes:

Garden Design Ideas #6: OK we are not talking about Tree's here it is 3's! Some gardeners utilize the power of 3 or three divisions in their garden design. The three divisions are:

    1/3 Evergreens - Gives height, color and texture
    1/3 Vegetables - Gives low to medium height and texture + color variation.
    1/3 Flowers - Height variation, color and much different texture

With this integral garden design process you can indeed make your vegetables a real design element in your yard.

Plant At Different Times:

Garden Design Ideas #7: You really don't want to have all your vegetables ripen at the same time. Some of our veggies are short season vegetable so you should spread out your planting times so you can extend the season for harvesting these vegetables. Just plan to stagger your planting for these crops so you can enjoy them throughout the summer growing season.

Add Containers To Your Garden

Add Containers To Your Garden

Adding Containers To Your Garden:

Garden Design Ideas #7: An easy way to spice up your garden area very simply is to plant flowers, herbs or vegetables in containers and spread them around the garden in groupings. That way you don't have to make immediate garden design decisions and you can easily make design changes for color and texture.

Bring Some Hardscape Into Your Garden:

Garden Design Ideas #8: Integrate such things as walkway pavers, benches, garden structures, a well-designed potting shed, trellises or maybe a deck if near your home into your total garden scheme. These items bring interest, surprise and tend to tie everything together for your entire garden design.

Water Gardens:

Garden Design Ideas #9: Bringing a water feature into your garden can be a very dynamic and restful feeling for you and your family. There are lots of benefits with water gardens and you will want to explore all of them with our articles. We have put together a series of articles on water gardens:

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