Gas and Electricity Prices

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Gas and Electricity Prices - What to Look For When Searching For a Heating/Cooling System

Make comparisons between these two energy sources when selecting your home heating plant.

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Gas and Electricity Prices: Save Ten With Angie's List!

As I have mentioned in other parts of this website, it is important to analyze your utility company billing policies very thoroughly prior to purchasing your properly.

Here are some things to consider when going through this process:

Electric Home

Gas and Electricity Prices: Systems Review

Gas and Electricity Prices - Natural Gas vs. Electric Heating Plants:

Make an analysis of using gas vs. electric for your home when planning your new home or retrofitting an older home with a new system.

Historically natural gas was considerably less expensive than electrical power, but in the past decade, that trend has reversed, but you should do investigation in your area, because this varies by region.

Is Gas For You?

Gas and Electricity Prices - Gas Is Not Your Only Option

Gas and Electricity Prices - My Search For Electric Heating/Cooling Options:

I decided to make my first home a totally electric home after comparing gas and electricity prices with the local utility companies. This decision was driven by the fact that natural gas was too far away to be practical and propane was out of the question for me, due to inconvenience and cost.

In my search for the most efficient and greenest systems, I landed on a geothermal heat pump system. The technology was relatively new and untested at the time I used it, but I was willing to gamble if nothing more than for experimental and educational reasons.

I found that the utility company would give quite a large break on my power rate (about 30%), by having a completely electric home and that was a pleasant surprise. Therefore make sure to check the electricity prices in your area.

Investigate Green Electricity

Gas and Electricity Prices - Investigate the Green Energy Possibilities

Even so, the cost of heating was considerably more than that of natural gas systems - as I remember about twice as much, with the cooling considerably less costly, but that didn't’t make up the difference.

As time passed and with the onset of the energy crunch and gas shortages, that trend reversed itself, and I soon found that my neighbors were are complaining about rising gas bills, while my electric bill remained stable.

Eventually the pendulum had swung in the opposite direction and my cost to heat and cool was half of theirs based on BTU (British Thermal Unit), comparison.

Totally Electric Home

Gas and Electricity Prices: The Totally Electric Home

Gas and Electricity Prices - How You Should Proceed From Here:

You should have an engineer, architect or designer perform a heating/cooling load analysis of your home and do a system comparison to determine which would be best in your area.

This should be based on all components utilized in your home such as doors, windows, wall assemblies, insulation thickness and type, and your regional weather inputs.

Also, at this time you should plug in your anticipated green electricity generation systems such as solar water, PV panels, wind generators etc.

Solar Water Heating

Gas and Electricity Prices - Solar Water Heating Systems

Gas and Electricity Prices - Having a Totally Electric Home:

If feasible consider going totally electric for your home. This would include everything from you central air, heating, lighting and power.

If the power rates are fairly reasonable this is a great way to go for these reasons:

You can easily incorporate green energy systems into your power grid, such as wind, solar and heat pump systems.

You can get your power bill down to that magic 'zero' or 'nothing due this month', if net metering is available.

You do not have a gas flame anywhere in the house. This is a real safety advantage.

Some Electrical Power Companies offer significant discounts on there power rates for a completely electric home so check the electricity prices in your area.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning

Gas and Electricity Prices - High Efficiency Split Systems

Gas and Electricity Prices - What Systems Options Are There:

Here are a few systems you should consider to promote green energy.

Click each system link for more information about that system I have specified each of these systems in buildings that I have designed and each have their own unique characteristics:

High Efficient Gas Furnace/A/C Systems
Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps
Air Source Heat Pumps
High Efficiency, Splits
InFloor Radiant Floor Heating