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We give you green living tips on green baby products, meeting all of their needs organically and having an eco friendly baby.

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The sheer amount of products that babies require during their first years of life is staggering. All parents of infants want to make sure that their babies have the very best. That's why starting right away and planning to have a green baby is a great idea.

As a parent, you want to make sure that you are choosing only the best and safest products for your baby. They good news is that in most cases, eco friendly, green baby products are the best and safest you can buy for your baby.

Beyond the desire to have only the best for your little one, it's important to note that the impact that all the products that babies use have on the environment is huge.

This is just one more reason to have a green baby and to carefully select products that are eco friendly and sustainable. Throughout the following pages, we'll teach you all the best ways to have a green baby.

If you are a new parent, you probably have plenty of questions. We'll do our best to answer them all here.

Cloth Diapers

As the parent of an infant, you'll go through more diapers than any other product over the next few years. Because disposable diapers don't break down for hundreds of years, we think that every green baby should use cloth diapers. We explain all of your options you have for Cloth Baby Diapers.

Organic Baby Clothes:

There are lots of reasons why we promote organic clothing at Green Living Made Easy, and all of those reasons go double for infants! The good news is that some of the best (and cutest) organic and natural clothes are made just for babies. Learn all about the available options for Organic Baby Clothes.

Natural Baby Skin Care:

Parents know that the super-sensitive skin of an infant requires special attention. That's why parents spend vast amounts of money buying the very best products available.

But even with all the money that you spend, are you really getting what's best for your baby? If you want to have a green baby, you've got to take some time to learn about baby products that are natural, safe, and eco friendly - these are the skin care items that will be best for your infant.

Luckily, we've got you covered. We explain what to look for, who's making the best products, and who has the best deals. You can find it all in our natural baby skin care section, HERE.

Natural Baby Sunscreen & Bug Repellent:

The sun causes special concern for the parents of babies. It's our job to protect our little ones from the harmful rays of the sun. But because babies have extremely sensitive skin and because the products we put on their skin absorb into their little bodies and can affect their major organs, especially when they are very young, it's important that sunscreen for babies is chosen with care. Learn about Natural Baby Sunscreen.

Parents also must be careful when choosing insect repellent for the smallest members of their family. Some products contain ingredients that are harmful and choosing natural sunscreen will ensure that your baby stays safe from insects while also avoiding harsh chemicals. We talk about Natural Bug Repellent on this page.


Eco Friendly Baby Toys:

Choosing the right toys for a green baby is important. First and foremost, you want toys that are safe and educational for your child. Beyond that, if you are interested in green living, you also want to choose toys that have a low impact on the environment and are made responsibly. Learn about choosing Eco Friendly Baby Toys.

Glass Baby Bottles:

Whether you're nursing or feeding your baby formula, chances are you'll use bottles at some point. We recommend glass baby bottles for every green baby.

Plastic is harmful to the environment and can also contain chemicals that are harmful to baby as well. We explain it all, in our section on Glass Baby Bottles.

Organic Crib Mattresses:

If you're in the market for a crib mattress, you'll want to learn about what makes an organic crib mattress different from traditional mattresses.

While a crib mattress may not be the most important green living decision you'll make, it's important to know that there are definite advantages to going green in this area. Learn what sets an Organic Crib Mattress apart and who makes the best one.

Organic Baby Bedding:

If you are really going for a totally green baby, you may want to consider organic baby bedding for your infant. There are definite advantages to both people and the environment when you choose to buy organic or natural bedding.

The best news is that organic baby bedding often isn't much more expensive than regular bedding. Learn all about Organic Baby Bedding choices.

Organic Baby Food:

When it comes time for your baby to start solid foods, you want to make the best choices to ensure that your baby is eating healthy and eco friendly foods.

Whether you'd like to make your own food or you plan to purchase prepared food, this section on organic baby food is one that you don't want to miss. Learn more about Green Baby Food.