Green Bathroom

Green Bathroom - Conserve Water, Solar Water Heater, Green Bathroom Tips..

Green Bathroom

Green Bathroom | Conserve water, put in a solar water heater or implement these green bathroom tips to save energy in the Bathroom.

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Working towards a green bathroom is extremely important as you work towards making your home more eco friendly. It has been calculated that over 60% of home water use is contributed to the bathroom for flushing toilets, washing hands and taking showers.

Much of the water used is heated, so energy costs are affected as well.

That makes the bathroom a great place to make changes, explore new technology, and to conserve water, electricity and natural gas.

Top Ten Green Bathroom Tips

Since there are so many things that we can do to have a more green bathroom, we address these tips and suggestions in a special section, Green Bathroom Tips.

Another big water-user is the toilet. Thankfully, there have been sweeping regulations that force new homes to utilize much more efficient toilets, saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water.

Water Saving Toilets:

There are plenty of Water Saving Toilets available that easily meet and exceed these mandated water usage requirements. We'll give you the scoop on them and tell you which ones are the best.

Some of these toilets actually come with some high-tech features, we review those as well.

Faucet Aerators:

Faucet and Shower Aerators can save a LOT of water. Can you use these in your home? Should you use them? And, if so, how and where? We go into great detail discussing these devices, how to install them, where to install them, and tell you where you can purchase them.

Solar Water Heating Panels

Solar Water Heating Panels

Solar Water Heaters:

Solar Water Heaters have been talked about for years. Is now the right time for you to consider one? Find out out if a solar water heater is a good idea for you in our solar water heater section. We also talk about pricing, size, and installation.

Save Paper in the Bathroom:

Have you ever considered using recycled paper in the bathroom?. We discuss your options and tell you where you can get them. We even explain the affects on the environment. Make sure to check out our article saving paper in the bathroom.

Bathroom Cleaners:

Bathroom Cleaners get used an awful lot. Many of these products expose you and your family to toxic and harsh chemicals. We have a list of organic cleaners that do a great job and are good for you, and the environment.

Organic Cotton Towels For The Bath

Organic Cotton Towels For The Bath

Towels and Linens:

When purchasing towels and linens we recommend that you go green as well. There are a lot of different options available now; we give you the low-down on some of the better ones.

Saving Electricity:

Saving Electricity is important throughout the entire house, but it's especially important in the bathroom. Are you kinds constantly leaving on your exhaust fan or forgetting to turn out the lights? We know ours do! Our special section on saving energy in the bathroom should help.

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