Green Bites 20

green bites 20, recycled newspaper pencils, organic shampoo, cotton insulation and scotts osmocote exact

Green Bites 20 - Bite-Sized Green Tips

Use these daily tips to green-up the edges of your life. Or go whole-hog and turn your live totally green.

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Green Bites are just little tidbits of Green Info that each and everyone of us can very easily do to make a difference. By using the power of huge numbers just little changes can make a BIG difference.

Green Bites 18 include: Recycled Newspaper Pencils, Organic Shampoo, Cotton Insulation and Scotts Osmocote Exact.

O'Bon Recycled Newspaper Pencil Features:

Long lasting graphite.
Water Resistant
Splinter-free sharpening

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Green Bites 20 - School: Pencils from Recycled Newspapers

Get your kids going green with these cool-looking recycled newspaper pencils.

O'BON Pencils are very high quality pencils that are made from rolled recycled newspapers. I know that sounds crazy, but they are really a great green product!

They are totally non-toxic (that is wonderful if you are a family of pencil chewers like my family is), water resistant and meet the highest standard of the European (EN-71) standards.

I have found that they do indeed last a much longer time than conventional pencils and the graphite is virtually unbreakable.

They sharpen easily and look really cool!. So go green, protect our forests and try some of these eco-friendly pencils in lieu of the standard type of boxed pencils.

Green Bites 20 Fact: Pencils account for $121 million in sales each year. Think about how many trees can be saved by using recycled product pencils.

Green Bites 20 - Health and Beauty: Organic Shampoo

I tried this shampoo a few months ago and I can't believe how much better and healthy looking my hair started looking after the first shampoo.

I was of course interested in the organic aspects of this product, but the results were incredible. The shampoo moisturizes your hair with Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Marshmallow extracts.

This combination nourishes your hair to reduce split ends, smoothens your hair, and leaves your hair looking healthy, with renewed shine and vitality.

Nature's Gate actually grows their own products in their privately owned fields for the ultimate in quality control.

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Cotton Insulation

Green Bites 20 - Building - Cotton Insulation

Green Bites 20 - Building - Cotton Insulation:

Grind-up your old jeans and put them in your walls? Well not really, but close to being a fact.

One of the best and healthiest ways you can insulation your home nowadays is with organic cotton insulation.

Actually, this insulation is produced by processing denim scraps from the major denim clothes manufacturers. This is called post production or pre-consumer recycling and the environment benifit's by waste being diverted from the landfill and you and your contractor benefit by utilizing a clean, healthy product in your home.

No special clothes, masks, eye protection or gloves is needed when installing this stuff. The R-factors are very comparable to the toxic equivalents and you save the planet to boot.

If you are considering new construction, an addition or just upgrading your insulation, give this insulation strong consideration.

For the entire article go to our page Cotton Insulation.

Green Bites 20 - Garden Tips - Scotts Osmocote Exact Fertilizer

Are you sick of fertilizing your landscape every couple of weeks or once a month? Or maybe it got to be such a chore that you fertilize a couple of times in the spring, when you are really 'into' your yard and garden and then as the summer dog days set in, the fertilizer takes a back seat to all other summer activities.

How about this. Fertilize once in the spring and you are done! Yes that is right, done. This newest product by the folks at Scotts is simply incredible. Not only does it last for up to 6 months, it is eco-friendly as well.

It is a little pricey, but factor in fertilizing 8 to 10 times a year vs. once. This brings the cost into line really quickly.

I started using this stuff in my garden this year and I absolutely love it. Here are some of the product advantages:

1. Safety: highest possible safety, controlled release and high level of all essential trace elements. Color-coded for longevity to avoid mistakes.

2. Consistency: very consistent product, every bag of a product the same, excellent quality control exceeding all industry standards.

3. Patterned release: available in various release patterns exactly tailored to the crop requirements, to provide optimal plant growth. Very efficient and therefore environmentally friendly.

Osmocote Exact

Green Bites 20 - Garden Tips - Scotts Osmocote Exact