Green Bites 21

green bites 21, retractable clothesline, eco luggage, eco stapler, lyptus cabinets

Green Bites 21 - Bite-Sized Green Tips

Use these daily tips to green-up the edges of your life. Or go whole-hog and turn your live totally green.

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Green Bites are just little tidbits of Green Info that each and everyone of us can very easily do to make a difference. By using the power of huge numbers just little changes can make a BIG difference.

This Week's Green Bites include: Retractable Clothesline, Eco-Luggage, Eco-Stapler, Lyptus Cabinets

Green Bits 21: Retractable Clothesline:

Pulls out to anywhere up to 34' and tightens to be taut

Retracts out of sight when not in use

The lightweight, heavy-duty, moisture proof case keeps the line dry

The drying line can be easily replaced and the dryer comes w/ a 10 year manufacturer warranty

Can mount it on any appropriate outdoor post including a metal post made specifically for this dryer

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Green Bites 21 -Home - Dryer Settings or Retractable Clothesline

Dryer: Be sure to clean the lint trap of your dryer often. Also, don't overload the dryer. If you do just these 2 items you can save up to 5 percent on your electric bill every year.

An even better solution would be to use a clothes line. I tried that and it brought back memories of how nice and fresh clothes fell being air-dried and save a ton of electricity in the process. Check out one of the Retractable Clotheslines.

Green Bites 21: Planet Earth Eco-Luggage:

100% 1200d twill

1200d twill

Full printed lining with shoe pockets

Inside zippered accessory pockets

Removable utility/laundry bag

All pullmans are expandable for extra packing.

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Green Bites 21 - Travel and Leisure - Purchase Eco-Luggage

The next time you are considering the purchase of new luggage, look into some of the very attractive eco-friendly luggage that is now available.

These quality-made products are not only made green, but they are healthy in the enclosed environment of an airplane or hotel room.

Most are made from low-toxic, low chemical fabrics that have minimal outgassing and will give you years of services.

Green Bits 21: Eco-Stapler:
Eco Friendly
Staples up to 5 pages
Creates no waste
Safe for kids
Sold Individually

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Green Bites 21 - In The Workplace: Use an Eco-Stapler

One staple at a time may seem very insignificant, but believe me it really starts to add up. The about of staple that reach the landfills each year amounts to almost 3.5 trillion. That is about 650,000 metric tons of staples.

Did you know you could staple papers together without the use of staples? Yes you can. Consider an Eco-Stapler. This great little machine secures the document together by cutting out tiny strips of paper and can stitch up to fife sheets of paper together.

Not only is this good for the planet, it is good for shredders that sometimes choke on staples. Also no more poked fingers or jammed staplers to worry about.

Also it is Child safe. Uses no metal staples. Creates no paper waste. Safe for children.

Green Bites 21 Fact:
If one-third of us would give up using staples we could save up to 200,000 metric tons of metal from reaching our landfills.

Green Bites 21 - Shopping: Lyptus Cabinets

With the way housing prices are going nowadays, it is hard to be motivated to invest in our homes.

Traditionally the very best investment is in a kitchen update and that still holds true today. You certainly can't go wrong with cabinet upgrades, updated plumbing and appliances. Our home prices will come back and with it the investment that you made in your kitchen, with interest!

If you have tired-looking cabinets, in despite need of upgrading, or are considering cabinets for a new home, give Lyptus Wood Cabinets more than just casual consideration.

I installed Lyptus Cabinets in a new home a few years ago and they are absolutely beautiful. They are naturally gorgeous with their Mahogany like grain and warm brown to Mahogany tones.

Why is Lyptus such a green product. First it is grown mainly from managed forests. Second Lyptus is extremely fast-growing so it is rapidly renewable. Both of these characteristic are highly revered in the green community.

We have an entire review on these cabinets so go to Lyptus Cabinets for a lot more information.

Melissa and Doug Toys

Green Bites 21: Shopping - Lyptus Cabinets