Green Bites

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Green Bites - Bite-Sized Green Tips

Use these daily tips to green-up the edges of your life. Or go whole-hog and turn your live totally green.

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Little Green Bites

Green Bites - Quick Green Tips

The Need For Green Bites:

With about 1.6 billion homes in the world and 100,000 of these in the U.S. it gets you to thinking that if we spend most of our time at home, in our homes, how can we live just a bit more responsibly and sustainably?

After all, with these kinds of numbers, just a litte adjustment in our lifestyle will make a difference - right? Absolutely!

Many of the things we can do to green up our families lifestyle, do not take all that much effort or funds. We do not have to contribute our paycheck to green causes, we do not have to buy that hydrogen powered car, nor do we need to completely avoid our use of petroleum products.

What Can Just Little 'Ol Me Do?

Of coarse all of these things would be great for the planet, but they are far beyond the abilities of most average homeownes who are struggling to make ends meet, let alone spending exorbatent amouts of money on saving the planet.

So what can we do (the average guy or gal) to remedy this?

Just do it one Green Bite at a time.

Little Green Bites

Green Bites - Quick Green Tips

What Are Green Bites?

How do we pass along some great green living tips, you just "One Liners" to improve your life, the health of your family and save a few bucks along the way?

Our solution was to create a Green Tip section on our site. A section that our surfers could bookmark and pick up a few ideas on how to simply and affordably change their life for the greener.

How Often Will Green Bites Be Updated and Published?
We are thinking that this would take place on a weekly or twice weekly basis. These little nuggets are quite easy to put together and publish, so the requency can be similar to that of a Blog.

We will be putting several together on each page and they will cover a wide range of Green Bites.

We will be developing an extensive Menu at the bottom of each Green Bite page, so you can easy navagate from Bite to Bite.

Little Green Bites

Green Bites - Quick Tips That Apply To Everyday Life

What Will Green Bites Cover?

We will cover everything that relates to our everyday life. We will organize everything into several easy-to-follow categories such as:

    Green Bites at Home
    Green Bites for Travel & Leasure
    Green Bites at the Workplace
    Green Bites for Shopping
    Green Bites for School
    Green Bites for Health & Beauty
    Green Bites for Building
    Green Bites for the Garden
    and more.....