Green Carpet Cleaning

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Green Carpet Cleaning

Great Tips For Searching for a Green Carpet Cleaner -or- For Cleaning Your Carpet Yourself.

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Most of us have a love-hate relationship with our carpet. We love how it keeps our feet warm when it's cold out and that it feels softer than hard floors, but we hate how quickly it gets dirty and how hard it can be to clean once it's stained.

On top of the need to have carpets professionally cleaned, there's also an environmental concern involved with professional carpet cleaning. So, what's an eco friendly family to do? Find a green carpet cleaning company of course! We'll explain how and why in this article.

Green Carpet Cleaners

Green Carpet Cleaning - Search For a Green Carpet Cleaner

Why Choose Green Carpet Cleaning

There are lots of great reasons to be wary of traditional carpet cleaners and the chemicals that they use on your carpet. Almost all commercial carpet cleaning products contain something called butyl cellusolve.

This is a really nasty chemical and studies have shown that it can cause reproductive problems, liver and kidney damage, and can depress the human nervous system. It's not something that you want anywhere in your home, especially not in your carpeting.

Green Seal

Green Carpet Cleaning - Look for the Green Seal TM

When you have your carpet steam cleaned, the amount of water that's used is always a concern as well.

If there are chemicals being used in the cleaner, those chemicals are now in the wastewater that has to somehow be disposed of…hopefully in a safe manner.

If you choose to have your carpets dry cleaned, you won't have to worry about water consumption, however the chemicals used when dry cleaning carpets can cause dizziness, fatigue, and nausea if it's inhaled.

Again, this is not something that you want in your home or around your family.

Choosing green carpet cleaning instead will allow you to enjoy clean carpets without all of the harmful chemicals.

Use 260 Degree Water to Disinfect Carpets

Green Carpet Cleaning - Use 260 Degree Water To Disinfect With Use of Toxins

What Constitutes Green Carpet Cleaning?

Thankfully, there are quite a few companies that have made the switch to using more eco friendly products for carpet cleaning.

Many of these professional cleaners are using plant-based cleaners instead of chemical cleaners.

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Carpet cleaners who use very hot water (260 degrees) can use much milder chemicals and still achieve very high quality results when cleaning carpeting.

If you've decided to go with a green carpet cleaning alternative, be sure to ask around to see if the cleaners you are considering know what types of chemicals they are using.

They should know what toxins their products include, and ideally, they'll choose to use products that don't use any toxic chemicals at all.

Some non-toxic, safe alternatives that you should listen for include Bi-O-Kleen, Capture, AFM SafeChoice, NatureClean, SimpleGreen, and Seventh Generation's Natural Citrus Carpet Cleaner.

Another great green alternative is a company called ChemDry. They are a division of Home Depot and they use cleaning bubbles instead of chemicals.

They also claim to use a fraction of the water used by traditional carpet cleaners.

Green Carpet Cleaning - Keeping Carpet Clean on Your Own:

The best way to keep your carpets clean the green way is to keep them clean on your own. Sure, you'll still need to have your carpets professionally cleaned, but the less they have to be done, the better for you.

Make sure to attend to spots as soon as you see them. Blot wet stains instead of rubbing and use very hot water to clean stained areas.

A great, green carpet cleaner that you can purchase to use on your own and to take care of small stains as you see them is a carpet cleaner by Simple Green. It's non-toxic and biodegradable and works surpassingly well.