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Green Garage

Our Garages are often the most overlooked room of our homes. Find out the great green opportunities that are available in your garage.

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Most people do not even consider the garage or more so what is "in" the garage an important part of greening up our lifestyle. The facts show this concept to be completely false as not only can our garage be green, but most everything in it as well.

For most families the garage will be the most-used portion of the home. We enter and leave our living spaces through the garage.

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We store all kinds of toxic items and other useless clutter in our garages. Heck, some of us can't even fit a car in the garage if we wanted to due to the unorganized mess that we use our garages for.

This section of Green Living Made Easy takes us out to the garage to roll-up our sleeves and get really organized, energy efficient and be able to make ourselves proud to show off our new green garage!

Garage Organization and Storage:

The first things we will tackle will be garage organization techniques. We will guide you as to how to include great storage options and work areas for your hubby in the garage in our section on Garage Organizers.

Along with that we will need to store things efficiently. We will address these concerns in Garage Storage Cabinets.

Garage Storage Cabinets

Garage Storage Cabinets

Household Waste:

Next we need to talk about all that household waste and disposal that nobody likes to or is willing to talk about. We have oil, gas, old paint, solutions and who-knows-what-all that need to be addressed.

See our section on Household Waste and Disposal. We will also discuss alternatives to storing all of these nasty substances in our green garage.

Eco Friendly Kitchen

Green Garden Products

Nasty in The Garden = Nasty in the Garage:

If you use nasty inorganic fertilizes, poisons, insecticides etc., we will give you information on how to use eco friendly options or alternative to some of these nasty chemicals that stink up our yard and our new green garage.

Visit the section on Green Garden Products to bring new life to your lawn and garden and a chemical free environment for your family.

Recycle Bin

Energy Efficient Green Garage

Energy Efficient Green Garage:

What is that you say? Why does the garage have to be energy efficient? There are many reason and we will give you tips and recommendations on how to save lots of energy in your green garage.

Review our article Energy Efficient Garage for tips on saving electricity and heat to "Green-Up" your garage.

Now it's time to discuss what is "IN" the garage. There are a couple of big energy guzzlers that we store in our garage. One of them is our car. One great way to reduce our carbon footprint in to consider an Alternative Fuel Vehicle as our next primary vehicle purchase.

Green Living

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

We have a great feature-pacted section all the options out there for Alternative Fuel Vehicles including, Hybrids, Plug-In Hybrids, Biodiesel, Electric and more. We also give you lots of information, links etc. for the great Federal Tax Incentives that will get you into one of these vehicle cheaper than ever before.

Additional items are your yard and garden tools that we use or "need". We will discuss how to limit our reliance one these tools and minimize our use of fossil fuel in doing so. Visit our page on Green Garden Tools to get the scoop.

Recycling for the Garage:

The garage is a great place to put our recycling station. As we discussed before it is often the collection place for everything we want to keep.

We will show you how to turn it into the collection place for everything we want to recycle. Be sure to visit Recycling in the Garage for all of these great tips.

The Last Word - Clean Garage:

Last and not least we will address how to keep the garage clean. By this we mean both the garage surfaces, but also the air. There are tips and techniques for handling our car exhaust and protecting our garage surfaces from pollutants.

Also we will teach you how to minimize the dirt that typically tracks in from the garage to the living area of the home. Visit our page Clean Garage for all these recommendations.

Go On and Get a Green Garage!

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