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Green Garden Products organic pesticides, organic fertilizers

Green Garden Products

Green Garden Products | Storage of Inorganic lown and garden products can become a problem for smells, our kids and pets. Learn about organic alternatives, such as organic pesticides, organic fertilizers and more.

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Lets face it, a great deal of our household waste comes as a result of tossing old or unused inorganic products that we wanted to use for our landscape and garden. Whether you bought too much or it hardened up over winter or just plain passed the expiration date, you have to dispose of it.

If you have some of this material, you should follow the disposal directions outlined in our Household Waste Disposal page. We'll help you get rid of this stuff, the 'green' way.

The First Step to a Green Garden:

The very first thing you should do when making the decision to use green garden products is to analyze your needs. Are you trying to control insects? Do you want to fertilize your lawn? How about getting rid of the moles that drive you crazy?

Or maybe you're interested in weed control. Know what it is that you want to accomplish, and then you can decide what organic, green products will help you to reach your goals.

Now, think about all the inorganic, toxic products that most people have sitting in their garages. If you want to know if a product is toxic, just take a look at the warnings labels. If you see things like, "Keep Away from Children" or "Keep Away from Pets" or even "Keep out of lawn and garden," you know that you're using chemicals that are most likely extremely toxic.

Similarly, if you use a landscaping company that places a sign in your yard after treating it that says something like, "Keep Off Lawn for X Days," you can be pretty sure that they are treating your lawn with chemicals that you do NOT want to be around.

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Green Garden Products Don't Require This

Here's the green secret, except for very few instances, you can treat you weeds, green your lawn, and kill bugs the natural and safe way with products that are non-toxic and very easy to use.

No worries about the safety of your pets and children - just a nice sustainable yard that promotes family health.

Making the switch to green garden products will reduce the toxic chemical storage in your garage to almost nothing. What you'll be left with are safe, bio-degradable products.

Lets go through some of the major areas and we will address most of the common gardening and lawn issues:

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Green Garden Products

Green Your Lawn:

There are several organic fertilizers out there that will be not only healthy for you, but also for the lawn itself. Typically, when you hit your lawn with high nitrogen fertilizers, the lawn looks green within hours or a couple of days of treatment and a good watering.

This looks pretty, but looks are deceiving. What you really did is just gave your lawn the gardening equivalent of drug fix. This quick greening promotes shallow root growth, which requires much more water consumption to stay green looking.

After a short time, no matter how much you water your lawn, it won't stay green. Then what? Time for another chemical fix.

To promote deep root growth and much less water consumption, utilize an organic fertilizer. There are several brands available, even from the big suppliers. These products will give you a strong healthy, water-conserving lawn that is greener and thicker. Not only does a thick, green look prettier - it blocks out weeds!

List of Organic Lawn Fertilizers:
    Bradfield Organics Luscious Lawn & Garden 3-1-5 Natural Fertilizer
    Espoma Organic Lawn Food 18-8-6
    Woodstream #9328 5M Ringer Lawn Restore
    Hasta Gro Lawn Organic Fertilizer - Gallon
    Mega Green Organic Lawn & Garden Fertilizer
    Garden Way LLC Organic - Based Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-3
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Green Garden Products - Milky Spore

What about Moles?

Do you have an issue with moles or lawn grubs? Your first instinct is probably to buy toxic chemicals that will kill the grubs.

Unfortunately, these chemicals will also kill your songbirds, pets, or anything else that will eat the ailing grubs as they surface.

There is a Green Garden Product that will solve all of your mole issues. Use Milky Spore, period.

It's a great green garden product that will take care of grubs, moles, and japanese beetles all in one treatment. Read our review of Milky Spore for more great information.

Lawn Weeds:

I'm willing to bet that there's nothing you hate more than seeing those nasty dandelions sprout up in your nearly perfect lawn. A completely organic lawn will have few problems with weeds as it will full and lush, shading the weed seed from germinating.

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Green Garden Products - Roundup For Those Tough Weeds

If you want to take an additional weed prevention measure, treat your lawn with Corn Gluten before the weed seeds can germinate.

This product is organic and kills weeds. A special bonus is that is gives fertilizer benefits to your lawn as well. Read our review on Corn Gluten.

Have a few nasty weeds you can't get rid of no matter what? Let Roundup come to the rescue. Spot treat these weeds.

Don your rubber gloves, grab a paint brush, and paint a small part of the weed leaves and nothing else. This product acts systemically, which means it just enters the plant and leaves no ground pollution behind. They will be completely gone in about 7 to 10 days.

What About Landscaping?

We know you want to keep your landscape beautiful and there is no reason not to with all natural organic fertilizers and pest control.

Landscape Fertilizers::

Again you can use Corn Gluten. But, the best way to treat landscape beds is with compost that you make yourself. Add that to a natural commercial compost with added manure and your plants will almost jump out of the ground to grow.

Be sure to top-dress with a good layer of Landscape Mulch which will minimize weed growth. If you choose an organic material, it will decompose all on its own, giving you additional compost that will promote healthy growth of your plants and flowers.

Landscape Insects:

These little critters can be handled very organically. We already talked about grubs and Japanese beetles. But the equally invasive pests such as slugs, aphids, cucumber bugs, and numerous others can also be treated very naturally.

We won't repeat ourselves here about this. Go to our page on Organic Pest Control to find out all you need to know about pest contro and the Green Garden Product alternatives that are availablel.

Landscape Pests:

One last category to talk about are the big pests, and we mean really big. These can include deer, rabbits, and other furry varmints that like our gardens as well, or better, than we do.

Again, visit our page on Organic Pest Control to learn about the great products manufactured by Liquid Fence read our review on Liquid Fence. Liquid Fence is a great, organic product that really works and leaves behind no toxins!

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