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Green Home Decor - 10 Design Tips

Live Differently by Being Environmentally Friendly - A Guest Article by Jay Chua

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For the past few years now, green architecture has been slowly taking ground. It does not only advocate the use of environment-friendly construction materials but it also extends to making your houses beautiful with green decors. Other than making your house aesthetically breathtaking, going green also offer a lot of advantages such as:

Green Home Decor Tip 1: It is Pollution-Free

Most houses today were built without giving due attention to the different hazards the construction materials used will bring to the homeowners. For instance, imported drywall can render one's dwelling unlivable because of sulfuric emissions.

In some instances, mold will start to grow when the ventilation is poor. This results to Sick Building Syndrome or SBS. Sometimes, the kind of home decors used can also be contributory to this condition.

Home furnishings such as inexpensive couches emit toxic vapors from glue and formaldehyde which can result to headaches and other health problems. In like manner, off gases from new carpets are believed to trigger respiratory problems.

Recently, more and more people are becoming aware and conscious of their stakes in the environment. This lead to the production of environment-friendly home decors such as carpets made of sea grass, coconut coir, and bamboo and alpaca wool among others.

In fact, there is an influx of wood-based furniture from timber harvested in a sustainable manner. Having these Décor in your household will aid in making your indoor air pollution-free.

Green Home Decor Tip 2: It Is Environment-friendly

Natural gas, oil and coal are responsible in generating the electricity that we need but they are also some of the major causes of air pollution and increased greenhouse gases.

Although the use of CFL (compact fluorescents) is seen as a positive action and an effective lighting alternative to incandescent light bulbs, it is not the perfect solution. They have mercury content which if not disposed of properly can be harmful to both humans and the environment.

Thankfully, scientists are now working on a more reliable, affordable and standardized LED (light emitting diode) bulbs. These bulbs can last for over twenty years whose efficiency is better than the CFL.

Conclusively, once perfected, it will lessen your electricity bills and provide maximum lighting in your household. On the other hand, solar lighting can also be tapped for use in the lanai or the garden during nighttime.

Simply store enough solar energy during the day to be used in lighting the garden path at night cost-free for years.

Green Home Decor Tip 3: It Provides You With Natural Cooling And Heating

Planting as many trees in the surrounding can bring about many benefits. During the colder months, the impact of a wind chill is reduced and in summer they provide us with shade. Scientifically, trees take in carbon dioxide making our environment cool and clean. Additionally, since they transpire water through the leaves, trees lessen moderate temperature.

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Green Home Decor Tip 4: It Provides More Space And Comfort

Creating an outdoor lanai can be very helpful especially during summertime. It works to extend the living space outdoors thereby providing a more refreshing atmosphere where an afternoon barbecue can be done. Having the patio grill in the lanai will not keep the house warm.

Additionally, putting a wooden porch swing will allow someone to commune with nature and encourage outdoor leisure. Come to think of it, you are able to enjoy things while saving energy at the same time.

Green Home Decor Tip 5: It Allows You To Enjoy The Weather Regardless Of The Season

Most houses are designed to beat the cold especially during the winter. As a result, unsealing air tight windows during spring and summer can be expensive and requires hard work. Why not use removable screen instead? In so doing, you are able to enjoy the breeze all year round.

Green Home Decor Tip 6: It Lowers Water Consumption

There is a new trend in landscaping known as Xeriscape. In this method, native plants are used to purposely reduce water consumption. They require less water and it is ideal during summer.

On the other hand, having a water catchment such as a big basin or an empty container for storing rain water is also a cost-efficient strategy. Water collected may be used for watering your plants and keeping your garden moist.

Green Home Decor Tip 7: It Lasts Longer

Although more expensive, wooden furniture can last for longer periods compared to plastic ones. The latter have a tendency to break down easily. Investing on a good furniture such as one made from Western Red Cedar will last a lifetime since it is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage.

Green Home Decor Tip 8: It Blends Harmoniously

An 'earth-friendly' decor can easily blend with the other motifs and can compliment your existing green decors. Wood decors are very pleasing to the eyes once chosen as a motif, the choices are endless.

Green Home Decor Tip 9: It Gives You A Sense Of Pride

Homeowners who rely on furniture and decors manufactured from Furniture and other home decor items manufactured from petroleum bi-products may not be aware of it but unconsciously, they are already contributing to our country's increased oil consumption.

Advocating green living gives you a sense of pride in such a way that you are able to help save the environment and cut down foreign oil dependence.

Green Home Decor Tip 10: It Offers One A Stronger Sense Of Responsibility

Contrary to popular belief, there is no other planet to go to if this place where we live in has been devastated by our own wrongdoing. We only have this world and we cannot afford to endanger the lives of the next generation to come because of our own selfishness.

Anyone who advocates going green takes on the responsibility of protecting the planet for the next generation to come. It is not an easy task but it can be very rewarding.

Green Home Decor: About the Author
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Jay Chua is the Publisher of He is a firm believer of the going green movement. As an ardent fan of nature, he counts gardening, designing backyard retreats and traveling as hobbies.

Jay enjoyed spending quality time with his wife Deisy in their cozy porch and iron swing in Vancouver, Canada sipping a cup of green tea or reading a few good books.

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