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Green Kids

Kids going green is a recent trend for kids green toys, recycled crafts, eco-frendly schools and much more

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Many families interested in living green are looking for more information about helping their kids to become green kids! Whether you're looking for ways to educate your kids about the importance of being green or you'd like to learn about safe and eco-friendly alternatives for many of the products your kids already use, we think that you'll find a great variety of resources here.

We'll cover lots of subjects that relate to kids, including greening their school experience, sustainable clothing, eco friendly footware, sustainable craft ideas, and ways you can encourage your kids to get involved in making a difference.

We'll even point you in the direction of some cool website's where your kids can play games and learn about green at the same time.

Enjoy your stay, and as always, if you can't find what you are looking for email us , we're glad to help!

Green Education

Green Education is key for parents who want green kids. Just as we teach kids about all other things in life, we must also teach them the importance of incorporating sustainable habits into their lives.

At Green Living Made Easy, we think that this whole movement will become a way of life and is much more than just a passing fad. What we teach our children today are lessons that they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

Teaching them to be responsible and to care about the environment will help them as they become adults, as good habits will already have been formed.

Eco Friendly Clothing

Because our kids grow so quickly, parents spend a ton of money on clothes. There are easy and practical thing we, as parents, can do to dress our kids in a more eco friendly manner.

If you'd like some tips on greening your kids clothing, or you'd like more information on the type of clothes to look for when shopping for your kids make sure to visit our Eco-Friendly Kids Clothing section.

Here you'll learn about organic cotton and other earth friendly materials. You'll also get practical ideas for recycling and learn where you can purchase eco friendly clothing for your kids going green. Even though it's becoming popular, it's not readily available on the market right now.

Eco Friendly Shoes

The shoe industry is one of the most polluting in the world! You'll learn about just how far the average pair of shoes travels before it reaches a shelf in your local store.

We'll also explain why the shoe manufacturing industry causes so much pollution and we'll show you some better alternatives, which thankfully are available in all shapes, styles, and colors!

Green kids need Green Shoes. To learn about greener alternatives that are available today and to learn how to recycle shoes you already have, visit our page dedicated to eco friendly shoes.

Eco Friendly at School

Each day, we send our kids out the door to school and each day, they return home with a book bag full of stuff - much of it garbage that ends up in a landfill. We also spend a great deal of time and money each fall choosing school supplies.

As you work to establish a greener lifestyle, you'll want to consider choosing school supplies that are easy on the environment. Today, it goes far beyond recycled paper - you can now find green backpacks, stainless steel water bottles, and much more.

To learn more about helping your green kids to have a more sustainable school experience, be sure to check out our entire section dedicated to being more Eco-Friendly at School.

Kids Green Toys

If the recent flurry of news over lead in children's toys has got you concerned, you aren't alone. Parent's all over are starting to wonder just how healthy, or unhealthy, their kids toys might be. Another issue with most of today's toys is that many of them are made completely from plastic.

Popular because it's cheap, a lot of petroleum is wasted during the production of plastic toys and they are not easily recycled. We'll talk about green alternatives that will have your kids playing with toys that are better for them and the environment.

We've also got lots of information about making Sustainable Toy Choices, and also give you some nifty ideas on reducing your overall toy consumption and recycling your kids toys when they've moved on.

Recycled Crafts

Do you kids like crafts? At my house, we go through more craft supplies each year than the entire first grade at the local school! Crafts are fun and teach our kids all kids all kinds of great stuff, and they sure beat sitting in front of the TV.

Because we love crafts so much, we've dedicated an entire page to Craft Ideas - tips for creating sustainable crafts, ideas for recycling all those items your kids make, and much more.

For even more great information on going green with kids, visit our friends at Kids Going Green . There you will find a wealth of information on raising green kids, including shopping tips, fun activities, information about babies and children and much more!

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