Green Landscaping

Green Landscaping -Milky Spore, Drip irrigation, organic landscape.

Green Landscaping

Green Landscaping | We teach you organic landscape, gardening and drip irrigation tips. Also we will show you how to install beds, ponds & lawn areas.

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Green Landscaping Design is as important, ecologically as anything you can do inside your home. The reason is that our landscapes consume the lion's share of our water, most of the inorganic chemicals that are used in and around our homes are used in the landscape and in good weather, we spend vast amounts of time in our landscaped yards.

There are many eco friendly measures you can use to install and maintain your green landscape, making them a healthy and enjoyable place to be.

Consider Reducing The Size Of Your Manicured Lawn.

Our lawns consume the most time, effort, water and chemicals of anything in our homes. Your very first consideration should be to reduce the actual size of the lawn area. I'm not talking about total landscape area, but the lawn itself.

Not only can you reduce water by reducing lawn area, you reduce fertilizer usage, mowing time, pest control measures and lots of other side benefits.

If you have a what is called a postage stamp home site right now, we can guide you in adding class and flair to minimizing your lawn in new and creative ways, giving you very dynamic spaces in your outdoor living experiences. Take a look at our Organic Lawn Design Page.

Add a Drip Irrigation System To You Landscape Bedding Areas.

The single most water-saving measure can be to add a drip irrigation system to your landscape beds. In our Drip Irrigation Design Section we will give you directions for doing this, including what pipe to use, how to design the system, actual installation tips, controllers to use and many other ideas.

You can cut your water usage by 50% with some of these systems because the moisture is delivered directly to the root zone of the plant, giving you the most efficiency available. You also minimize disease by doing this as the leaf structure isn't constantly being drenched with water.

Green Landscaping - Design and Install Eco Friendly Plant Beds

We have added a big section on planting beds and all the elements involved with them. Learn about Perennial Plants, Dividing Perennials and Flower Bed Care.

We will review the types and amounts of mulch that are available and the reasons for using them. Learn how to extend the mulch life and reasons for different types of mulch in our Landscape Mulch section.

Buying perennials online is becoming more and more popular. Be sure to read our sections on Buying Plants OnLine and Bare Root Plants, which is the preferred shipping method. We will give you a lot of useful tips to make your perennial bed adventures as successful as possible..

Green Landscaping - Planting A Roof or Balcony Garden?

Roof and Balcony Gardening has its own challenges, Explore the possibilities of this section that we have put together.

Why let this valuable resource get away from you? Make the most of your green garden by adding a Rainwater Harvesting System and take advantage of this free valuable resource.

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Green Landscaping - Learn to Design With Plants

Designing With Plants

In the Designing With Plants Guide we will help you with the actual plant selections. We will go through the climatic conditions, what will thrive and what will not. We will review shade, sun and drought tolerant species.

Know what a Xeriscape is? We will give you insight on that and why you should consider that as one of your landscape bedding areas.

Here's Some Great Sources For Bare Root Plants:

Just select an supplier from the drop down menu bar below and then select the "GO" button to go directly to their site to shop.

Hard-Scapes Covered Too

Not only do we cover the softscapes with you, which consist of the lawns, bedding, and accessories, but we will cover Hardscape Design, such as walks, decks and other garden structures.

Water Gardening 101

Yep, we will cover the installation of Water Garden Design as well. We will cover such things as design, liners, plants and fish. Since there is a lot of ground (or water) to cover, we have broken this topic down into several sections. Just select an article and then select the "GO" button to go directly to that article. Use your browser back button to come back here.

Water Gardens are fun, beautiful and can give you peace and solace after a stressful day. Install one for your health and well-being as part of your green landscaping.

How to Care For Your Landscape

With Landscape Care, learn about all sorts of items to care for your lawns and bedding.

    Proper fertilizers to use
    Mole and Grub Control the environmentally friendly way
    How to control aphids and other pests the natural way.
    Keep critters out of your landscape, deer, raccoons, rabbits etc.
    Manicuring tips for lawn and beds. Minimize your time spent maintaining your yard and enjoy it more.
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Lawn & Garden Products Review Page

Don't forget to visit your Lawn and Garden Product Review Page either. We will cover a variety of tools, implements, and toys to help you on your way to a healthier and greener lifestyle.

We will be featuring lots of Green Landscaping products in our OnLine Store as well. To visit it, click HERE