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Green Mattress - Organic mattress, Keetsa Mattresses

Green Mattress

Are you planning to buy a new green mattress soon? Learn what a organic mattress is and why you may want to consider purchasing one from Keetsa.

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We know that buying a new mattress is an important decision and one that you are likely to live with for years to come. That's why it's important to make the right decision. If you are working to become more eco friendly, we'd like to encourage you to consider a green mattress.

For years, the main consideration for most people was comfort. Recently, products like memory foam have hit the market and have helped to widen the selection of mattresses. Now, you can also buy a green mattress that's both comfortable and environmentally friendly.

What is a Green Mattress?

If you'd like to find an organic mattress, there are lots of things that you should look for. You may not find all of them, but we've listed them in the order of relative importance.

Unbleached or organic cotton material for the outer portion of the mattress. Bamboo is acceptable as well.

A fire barrier that is made of wool. Fire barriers are required by law, wool is the best option on the market.

Memory Foam mattresses are extremely popular. The problem is that in traditional memory foam mattresses, the foam is made from petroleum-based materials...not green at all. Instead, look for foam that is made from plant oils instead of petroleum oil.

Also pay close attention to the amount of VOC's (volatile organic compounds) that are in the mattress.

Buy A Self-Supportive Mattress

Self-supportive mattress are preferable to mattresses that require a box spring. You save money and material!

Look for mattresses that are packaged in recycled containers. Keetsa, for example, packages their mattresses in small recycled boxes, which allows them to transport more mattresses at one time, thus putting less strain on the environment.

Purchase a high-quality mattress. If you have to replace your mattress in a few years, you are contributing to additional waste being dumped in landfills. Quality made mattresses are greener than poorly made ones.

Who Makes Them?

There are a few manufacturers that are coming out with organic mattresses. Of all those that are currently available on the market, we use (and love) Keetsa.

Not only do their products meet all of the specifications listed above, they are also extremely well made and comfortable. And, when you order online, they ship for free to any of the continental U.S.

Since most people spend about 1/3 of their lives in bed, making the decision to purchase an eco friendly mattress, can really help you in your quest to create a green bedroom.

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