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Green Nursery - Green baby products, eco friendly baby.

Green Nursery

Give your baby a great place to live. One that is healthy, organic and free of contaminates. Go with a Green Nursery.

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Going Green with your baby should start with the most important room in the house as it relates to your baby. That would be the nursery.

Your baby spends most of his or her time in the nursery, so why not start them out right and construct and equip the nursery organically, being careful with materials selections, equipment and furniture selections and bedding?

Green Nursery - The Decor:

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling your existing home for a new nursery, or just freshening up an existing nursery, you should carefully pick organic materials for the wall, ceiling and floor finishes of the room.

When you walk into a newly finished room and smell the
"new smell", much the same as you would with new automobile, this means that this is not a healthy atmosphere for your baby.

What you are smelling is off-gassing of VOC's or volatile organic compounds as they dry, sending harmful chemicals in the air and into your babies sensitive lungs (and yours too).

Green Nursery - The Flooring:

To minimize off-gassing (VOC's), build organically and, consider one of the following flooring options:

Cork: This is a great renewable material and is easy to clean,has zero VOC off-gassing and is sustainability grown. For lots of information on Cork visit our Cork Flooring page.

Bamboo: Bamboo Wood Flooring has recently emerged as one of the most eco friendly flooring options on the market. This is another great product and will allow easy cleanup of the floor with little or no VOC outgassing.

Bamboo is harvested in sustainable bamboo forests or bamboo farms and give you a great green product. For more information on Bamboo Flooring visit our Bamboo Flooring page.

Since bamboo is rather hard surface for baby to crawl, consider placing organic wool rugs in the room. Read on for the benefits of using Organic Cotton.

Organic Carpet: If your mind is set on wall to wall carpet in the Baby Nursery, consider Organic Cotton or Natural Wool Carpet as your first choice. Natural Wool is free of allergens, VOC's and is sustainability obtained from renewable resources.

Organic Cotton is grow without the use of herbicides or pesticides and is renewable resource as well. Make sure that with a cotton product you see a label that says, "Organically Grown" to be sure it is chemical-free.

For more information on carpeting, visit our Natural Wool Carpet page.

Linoleum: One more product that you should consider is linoleum. Linoleum has been around for years and recently it has enjoyed a resurgence in the green movement.

This may come as a big surprise, but linoleum is actually made from all natural ingredients. It's biodegradable and is also extremely durable. Additionally, linoleum is hypoallergenic. Put all of those together and you end up with a really cool eco-friendly floor!

Learn about the advantages of using linoleum from our article on Linoleum Flooring.

Green Nursery - The Walls & Ceilings:

Since the walls and ceilings make up most of the area within your Baby Nursery, you should place a great deal of importance in considering finishes for these areas.

First off, if you are remodeling a room in an older home, you should have the paint tested for lead content. This is one of the worst places in the home to have lead paint and you should completely remove it from all walls, door and window trim, baseboards, etc.

Paint: There have been a lot of advances made in the paint industry over the past several decades. One of the leaders in this movement is Benjamin Moore. I have specified their paints for years and not only is it one of the best paints you can buy, it is one of the most eco-friendly.

Consider Benjamin Moore Aura paint line. For additional information on Zero VOC paints, Organic Paint and others visit our Eco-Friendly Paint section. Also take a look at the Aura Paint product review for lots of information on that product.

Wall Paper and Decorations: We all love to fill the walls of the nursery with cute decorations, paint schemes and decals. Be sure you carefully investigate anything you place on the walls. A lot of wallpapers are vinyl, which is one of the worst culprits for off-gassing. Consider organic cotton products, or recycled paper decorations.

Also don't forget about the adhesives. Make sure they are completely free of VOC's.

When in doubt about a products green nature, ask for the MSDS sheet, (Material Safety Data Sheet), of the product in question. All products must provide this testing data for consumer information and it will give you a wealth of information on the products green rating.

Also if products list that they meet or more importantly exceed the standards of CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools), Green Seal, Greenguard or LEED for Homes, you can be assured you are dealing with a healthy product.

Green Nursery - Equipping the Green Nursery:

Last and certainly not least, be sure to equip your Green Nursery with eco-friendly, sustainable products to ensure the health of your baby.

Crib: Search for cribs with non-toxic finishes. Also try to find furniture that is not only well constructed but search for cribs that can convert into a child's bed to extend the life of the product.

One eco-friendly crib that we like here at Green Living Made Easy is the Atlantic Furniture Eco-Friendly Richmond Convertible Crib with the following features:

    Made from eco-friendly hardwood
    8 position adjustable mattress support system
    Converts to toddler bed using included guardrail
    All finishes are non toxic and lead free
    Steel reinforced solid hardwood construction exceeds industry standards for safety

Another great eco-friendly crib product to consider is the Hiya Crib - Polar White & Bamboo baby crib.

Changing Stations: Don't forget to be eco-friendly with your baby changing station. The same toxic-free and sustainability options should be considered when choosing your baby changing station.

One thing to consider is a multi-task piece of furniture, such as a combination dresser/changing table. Also consider a changing station that you can add-on to any piece of furniture or a counter.

One that I bought and love is the Atlantic Furniture Eco-Friendly Windsor Changing Station with the Nightstar Eco-Friendly Contour Changing Pad.

Green Nursery - Crib Mattresses:

Since the Baby Mattress is one of the items the baby has the most contact with for most of the day, it ranks as one of your most critical purchases in the Green Nursery.

Our favorite organic mattress is made by a company called Naturepedic. One of their mattresses will cost you about $250, but if you are buying a new mattress anyway, it's well worth the expense.

For a lot more information on Eco-friendly Crib Mattresses, visit our Organic Crib Mattress page.

Green Nursery - Organic Baby Bedding:

Of equal importance to the Crib Mattress, is the bedding that you use for your baby crib/mattress combo.

Utilize some of the great eco-friendly options out there such as Bamboo Bedding or Organic Cotton Crib Sheets:

Both of these products are free of pesticides and herbicides and the materials are obtained from renewable resources so you help save the planet in addition to giving your baby a healthy lifestyle.

Green Nursery - Eco-Friendly Baby Toys:

Here at Green Living Made Easy, we prefer the eco-friendly baby toys for a number of reasons.

The most important reason to choose eco friendly toys is that they are typically safer. Ideally, a toy that is "green" won't contain any harmful chemicals, toxic paints, lead, etc. that parents worry about.

Also many toy manufacturers are now on the green bandwagon and many of them use recycled content, and products from renewable resources in the manufacture of their products..

Most notable are Haba Toys, Plan Toys, and Melissa and Doug toys.

For a lot more information on quality, eco-friendly baby toys, visit our Green Baby Toys page.