Green Painting Tips

Green Painting Tips - learn about eco friendly paints and tips.

Green Painting Tips

These easy green painting tips will help you to be "green" while you paint - no matter what color your choose

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No matter what type of paint you choose to use on your walls, there are things that you can do as you during preparation and painting that will make the entire process more eco friendly.

Follow the green painting tips below for your next paining project and know that you are making your home and the world a better place!

Measure Wall Space

Measure Your Wall Space

Measure Your Wall Space

Measure your wall space to see how much paint you'll need. Each can of paint should tell you about how much wall it will cover. Try to purchase close to what you need, with a little extra for touch-ups.

Buying too much paint is a waste. Buy the best paint that you can afford. Higher quality paint will last longer and will look better, meaning you can go longer in between paintings.

Choose Low VOC, Zero VOC, and natural paints whenever possible.

Clean your Paint Brushes Often

Green Painting Tip - Clean Your Paint Brushes Often

Clean Your Paint Brushes

Clean your brushes and rollers each time that you are done with them. If you don't clean them, you'll end up throwing them away. Multiple uses means more money in your pocket and less in a landfill.

Here's a great green painting tip for you. Instead of using chemical products to clean your brushes, use turpentine - which is an eco friendly product.

If you are using an oil-based paint, you'll want to use turpentine. However, if you are using a water-based paint, you can just clean your tools using water as long as you clean them right away!!

Open Your Windows To Paint

Open Your Windows To Paint

Open Windows for Ventilation

Open your windows, turn on ceiling fans, or bring in a box fan or two while you paint. Make sure that you get good ventilation for a few days after painting.

Yes, it's true that paint can off-gas for many years, but the worse off-gassing occurs right after the paint is applied. Store leftover paint properly. When you store your paint, make sure the lid is on tightly, and store it upside down.

This will keep the paint from drying out. Make sure you don't store it where it will freeze.

Dispose of Paint Cans Properly

Dispose of Paint Cans Properly

Dispose Of Paint Cans Properly Dispose of paint cans properly. Check your state laws. As a general rule, ALL oil-based paint cans must be brought to a hazardous-waste facility. Some states also require that water-based paints be brought to the same location.

You can learn more about paint disposal at Earth 911. If you have good leftover paint, you can often donate it for reuse or recycle it.

Again, check Earth 911 to learn what communities offer opportunities like this. If you follow these green painting tips, you'll end up with walls that look great and a clean, safe environment.

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