Green Restaurants

Green Restaurants - Sustainable restaurants, eco dining

Green Restaurants

Green Restaurants: If you are trying to be more eco friendly in your dining habits, you'll want to consider sustainable restaurants or eco dining when dining out.

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You might be wondering if sustainable restaurants exist. If you have been working to make your lifestyle more sustainable, you may have some concerns about the amount of waste that takes place in many restaurants, and with good cause.

Even when you are trying to live a green lifestyle, there is something nice about going out to eat every once in awhile. The good news is that the green movement is taking hold in the restaurant industry as well. There are restaurant owners, like Ted Turner, who are working to operate eco-friendly restaurants.

Green Restaurants Do Exist

Green Restaurants Do Exist

There are even chain restaurants, including Chipolte, that are working to make all of their locations greener by using wind power, and by designing and building in a sustainable fashion.

So, what can you do to make eating out a bit more eco friendly? We're glad you asked!

Green Restaurants Association

Eco-Friendly Restaurants

Green Restaurant Association

When dining out , choose locations that have been certified as green restaurants. The Green Restaurant Association is a non-profit organization that certifies restaurants as being green based on a number of criteria. You can visit their website and see what green eating options are available in your area.

Look At The Green Restaurant Association

Look For The Green Restaurant Association

Buy Your Meat Locally

Be Sure To Ask Your Server Questions

Ask Questions Of Your Server

When you eat out, don't be afraid to ask your server questions about the restaurant. Ask them if they purchase any of their food locally or use organic products. Encourage restaurants to do so. We often forget the power we have, as consumers, to create change.

If we choose to patronize restaurants that operate using sustainable principles, then more restaurants will get on the wagon. Companies that succeed provide service and products that the general public is asking for. Don't be afraid to ask!

Don't Order More Than You Can Eat

Don't Order More Than You Can Eat

Order Only The Amount You Can Eat

Order only what you can eat. It's easy to order a ton of food at a restaurant and then throw half of it away. Share a meal if you can never finish, or request a smaller portion.

If you are going to take food home or are ordering take out, try to patronize restaurants that use biodegradable take out containers.

There are all kinds of cool options on the market now, including items that are made from corn and sugar cane, so there's no real excuse for restaurants to continue to use styrofoam. Again, encourage the restaurants that you frequent to use recyclable materials. If enough people ask, they'll start to do it!

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