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With these easy to install GreenSwitch modules you can save energy by turning off lights, save phantom power consumtion and more...

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They are lurking out there. We all have them and they are stealing our electricity, slowly, and consistently.

What am I talking about here? I am talking about all of the consumer electronics devices in our homes that are operating in phantom mode, giving you the convenience of instant on or standby mode.

The trouble is they waste an enormous amount of electricity, and they are very sneaky about it.

GreenSwitch - How Much Energy do the Phantoms Use?

If you measure the wattage consumption of your typical home TV setup with an Plasma screen TV, Cable box, DVD player etc., you are using about 400 watts of power in the "on" position.

Now switch everything to "standby", which you may think means "off", because of the word "off" on your remote. Actually, you are switching to the phantom mode and are using about 1/3 of the electricity of the electronics vs the fully "on" mode.

OK, what is so bad about that? Just add up the numbers.

With just this one system in standby mode for 16 hours per day..that adds up to 2Kwh per day or about 730Kwh per year of consumption.

At $0.12 per Kwh that would be $87.60 per year by killing the phontom mode on the one system alone. (note that system consumtion and electric rates vary widely depending your your area of the country and electronics system).



GreenSwitch - How it Works:

GreenSwitch™ allows you to use simple wireless technology to control selected electrical devices in your home or office.

By just flicking the switch of the GreenSwitch Master Switch sends a protected wireless signal to all electrical components in which you have selected to plug into a GreenSwitch receptacle, allowing you to control lights, phantom power and climate control devices.

Want to go back to fully functional operation? Just turn the Master Switch to the "on" position and you are fully operational


GreenSwitch - Easily Accessible Lower Tray

GreenSwitch - Save Your Sanity:

Have kids that can turn lights on but they can't turn them off. This drives us nuts at our home. Just add a GreenSwitch component to handle your lights from one central location. You will save a ton of energy and your frustration level will be lowered by several blood pressure points :-)

The best part of the GreenSwitch for those of us with existing homes and electrical systems, is that you can easily retrofit your existing electrical system to accommodate the GreenSwitch modules.

The GreenSwitch system is completely customizable, allowing the user to designate which electronics and appliances are affected as well as custom program their heating and cooling systems.


GreenSwitch - Options

GreenSwitch - Options Available

GreenSwitch offers several options available to bring a great deal of diversity to your control over electronic devices.

GreenSwitch Receiver Switches: Receiver Switches come as a standard switch but may be programmed as three-way and four way options and are only available in Décora style.

The GreenSwitch system uses either Always On (AO) or Always Enabled (AE) switches.

GreenSwitch turns an AO Switch on and off. These switches are perfect for security lights or lights designed to create an ambient setting. They can also be operated manually.

GreenSwitch Master Switch: The Master Switch controls all components in a zone. A zone can be large enough to encompass a house and its outbuildings or as small as an office cubicle.

A zone is designed based on usage. An area devoted to day-use may be controlled by one Master Switch while the rooms for the night shift, or a home office used late into the night, may be controlled by another Master Switch.

All Components act as repeaters for the GreenSwitch™ signal, extending the range and there is no limit to the amount of components on the system.

GreenSwitch Outlets: Use the outlets everywhere that electronics are drawing Phantom Power.

Single-Control Outlets allow GreenSwitch to control one of the two plug receptacles– for example, GreenSwitch can turn off a computer while keeping the fax in the same outlet on.

Dual-Control Outlets have both plugs controlled by the GreenSwitch Master Switch.

Programmable Thermostat Module: When the GreenSwitch system is off, the Thermostat will automatically reset to an economy mode set by occupant. GreenSwitch Programmable Thermostat

The GreenSwitch Thermostat can be programmed to turn on when the system is in “off” mode, allowing, for example, a home or office to be warmed before the occupant arrives.

Multiple GreenSwitch Thermostats can be controlled by one Master Switch and each can have their own unique settings.

Remote Control: A multi-function remote control is available. It was designed to program special features of the GreenSwitch.

With the remote control you may program light switches to be a 3 way, 4 way or 5 way switch if desired.

It will allow you to add future components and GreenSwitch products, and can isolate the thermostat if you would like to turn off everything but allow your HVAC to operate as normal or on a set program.

It has the same out-the-door one button functionality as the Master switch, and is easy to use even from bed.

Product Features

    Several modules available to control lights, electronics, thermostats and much more.
    If you are handy you can install them yourself. If not it is easily installed by a qualified electrician in a few hours, depending on your chosen complexity for your system.
    You can easily begin with the starter package and add modules as you need them, or as your needs change.
    Made in the USA. Wow you don't see much of that anymore, and I really like that aspect.
Green Living Made Easy Tip:

Greenswitch makes it incredibly easy to retrofit your existing home with some of the leading technology available in smart home technology, for a very low cost.

GreenSwitch - Green Living Rating:

Overall, we give the GreenSwitch 9 out of 10 stars. Start out simply and grow into this great system. About the only negative we have is the possibility that you may need to hire an electrician to install some of the components for you. That is a small one-time price to pay, considering the ongoing savings you will experience.

Visit the site of GreenSwitch for additional information, dealers, energy calculations and all the options available and start cutting that electric bill down to size.