Grubs In Lawn

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Grubs in Lawn

Refer to this handy guide on how to eliminate lawn grubs, moles and japanese beetles all with one organic product.

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If you have sections of brown in your yard, chances are great that you may have grubs in your turf. Not only do lawn grubs cause your yard to look unattractive, they additionally invite all kinds of other issues - like wildlife that feeds on them and destroys your lawn even more.

Commonly, homeowners will use an insecticide to rid their lawn of grubs. While these products will work, they can also be unhealthy to people and animals.

Keep reading to discover how to examine for grubs in a lawn and to learn how you can obtain rid of them safely and naturally.

What Are Lawn Grubs?

The basic way to explain a lawn grub is that it is a beetle before it becomes the beetle that you see flying around in the summer.

During the early months of the summer, many beetles lay their eggs. They usually do this in green lawn and in full sun.

By late summer, the eggs begin to incubate and the grubs that hatch start to feast on the roots of the grass where they are born.

When grubs eat sufficient of the roots, the grass begins to die. The bad news is that by the time you notice that there is a problem, you will already have areas of dead turf.

Once you've noticed there is a problem, chances are there are a large number of grubs in the lawn and immediate treatment is the best course of action.

Do I Have Lawn Grubs?:

C-shaped brown patches in a lawn are the biggest indicator that you may have lawn grubs.

However, lots of problems can cause grass to die, so it doesn't always mean you have grubs.

It's very straight forward to check your yard for lawn grubs! In order to inspect for grubs, you'll have to observe a dead area of grass and pull it back so you can see the dirt underneath it. If lawn grubs are your problem, you will find the white grubs laying in the dirt.

Treating Lawn Grubs the Green Way

Once you've confirmed that you have a grub dilemma, a product called Milky Spore is a outstanding eco-friendly way to get rid of them.

Milky Spore is a cost-compelling and safe way to kill the grubs that kill Japanese beetles that lay the eggs in lawn.

A major advantage to using Milky Spore is that it's safe for use around people and animals. Traditional insecticies work by poisoning grubs and bringing them to the surface of your grass.

Birds will come to your yard to eat the grubs and can also die as a outcome of the chemicals used to kill the grubs.

You can purcahse Milky Spore for about $100 and you'll obtain plenty to cover 10,000 square feet. To employ, you just need to position the powder about every three feet in three foot rows.

To activate the product you will need to sprinkle your turf area with water.

Is It Possible To Know If You'll Be Affected By Grubs In a Lawn?

There is truly no way to know for sure whether or not you will be affected by lawn grubs.

Because beetles fly, they appear to lay their eggs wherever they choose to land.

It is known that healthy yards that obtain a lot of sun are more liekly to be affected by beetle activity.

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