Homemade Cleaning Products

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Homemade Cleaning Products - Easy To Follow Recepies

Learn how to use everyday household products to maintain a safe environment in your home with out the use of chemical cleaners..

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Our homemade cleaning products really refers to finding the greenest way possible to clean your home with everyday organic materials. That is not to say the there are some great commercial production out there, but using products you have easy access to is a way of getting even more organic.


Homemade Cleaning Products - Lemons

Homemade Cleaning Products - The Approach

There are some basic strategies that you can use prior to tackling any cleaning task with green cleaning methods. Here are some bullet points to get you started:

Get rid of any aerosol sprays that you can and use pump sprayers as your first choice. Most aerosol cans still carry chemicals into the air, despite the advances that have been made in these products.

The chlorofluorocarbons, have been banned, which contributed to the depletion of the ozone layer. They have been replaced by hydrocarbons, which is a much better option, but not nearly as good as using the pump sprayer.

Cleanup spills and grime as soon as possible to make the cleanup much easier. If you allow spills to dry you have to use a lot more effort and elbow grease to remove them.

If you don't already have one, pick up one of the portable carpet sweepers and use that for quick pickups and smaller tasks. You will waste less or your own energy will save on your utility bills.

Minimize your use of detergents wherever possible. Many people develop allergies to laundry detergents, cleaning products and other chemical cleaners. Dispense with the use of these and go completely organic.

Homemade Cleaning Products - All Purpose Solutions:

I would venture to bet that you already have most of these solutions around the house already for most of these green cleaning tips. If not, a quick trip to the local grocery store and you can be completely stocked up with most of the cleaning products you will need.

Homemade Cleaning Products - Borax:

Borax is a great natural mineral that you can use as a disinfectant. Mix some in with your laundry powder and you can whiten discolored bedding and towels and soften them at the same time.

If you really want to save some serious money, buy large quantities of Borax at a hardware store or a big box store. Here is a 304 oz. Box of 20 Mule Team Borax at a great price.

Homemade Cleaning Products - Baking Soda

I have always used Baking Soda for a lot of cleaning tasks around the house. Here are some ideas for your.

Clogged Drains: Having trouble with a clogged drain? Pour a cup of Baking Soda down the drain, follow this with another cup of vinegar and finally, follow up with boiling water to get things cooking. This brew will break down fatty acids and will keep the drain fresh smelling to boot.

Organic Stain Removal: If you spill red wine, coffee or other organic material on carpet, mix up a Baking Soda paste and rub it thoroughly into the carpet. Let it dry and vacuum it off. You can try a weaker solution of soda and water for more minor stains.

Mildew In The Shower: Tired of that black or gray looking mildew in your shower and on your shower curtains? Just mix up a batch of Baking Soda and water into a thick paste and use an old brush to clean the grout lines.

Clean Your Refrigerator: Mix a solution of 3 tablespoons of Baking Soda and 1/2 cup of warp water. Use to clean all inside and outside surfaces of the refrigerator.

In the Bathroom: Mix a weak solution of Baking Soda and warm water. Clean all of your lavatory basins and chrome trim with a wet cloth. Everything will be sparkling clean and fresh smelling.

Dirty Pots and Pans; Mix a solution of 3 or 4 tablespoons of Baking Soda with warm water and soak your dirty pans for an hour or two. Afterwards, clean them with an abrasive scrubbers.

Homemade Cleaning Products - Vinegar:

White Distilled Vinegar is great green cleaning tip to clean away grease as it deodorizes. Use regular distilled white vinegar for cleaning purposes.

Baths, Sinks & Showerheads: Vinegar works great to clean away lime scale off your showers, tubs and faucets. Have a clogged shower head? Just unscrew the head and soak in a vinegar solution. For severe lime buildup enlist the aid of an old toothbrush to help scrub away lime deposits.

Wash Windows: You will find no window washing spay that works better than a 50/50 solution of Vinegar and water. To REALLY be green save up your newspapers and age them a bit. Use the newspapers to shine up the window so they really sparkle. Yes, it really does work.

Stubborn Toilet Bowl: Pour Baking Soda on the soiled areas and follow up with some Vinegar. Watch the foaming action as it bubbles away dirt and grime. Finally, follow up with a toilet brush to scrub away every bit of dirt and stains.

Countertops: Soak a cloth in undiluted Distilled White Vinegar and wash all of your counters in the Kitchen and Bathroom. Your counter will shine and have a sweet , clean smell.

Microwave Oven Cleaner: Forget about scrubbing that baked-on mess in the Microwave Oven. Place equal parts White Distilled Vinegar and Water in a Microwave Safe Bowl and place in the oven. Bring to mixture to a vigorous boil inside the Microwave. All of the hard, baked-on grime can easily wiped away with a clean cloth and you will be left with a clean odor-free oven.

Clean Your Dishwasher: To clean soap scum and grime from your dishwasher, just place a cup of White Distilled Vinegar inside the washer and run it through an entire cycle. You won't believe how clean and fresh-smelling your dishwasher will be after this treatment. Repeat this process one every month.

Clean You Coffee Maker: Fill the water reservoir with a cup of White Distilled Vinegar and water. Run the coffee maker through a complete cycle. Now run clean water through a complete cycle for 2 more times and all of your coffee stains will disappear and your coffee maker will operate better as a result of this.

Homemade Cleaning Products - Organic Air Fresheners.

If you suffer from terrible allergies like my husband, you can't even think about using one of the chemical perfume air fresheners without confronting a lot of complaining about headaches and runny noses.

The plug-in air fresheners not only pump a lot of chemicals into the air, they use electrical energy on top of it.

What you really want to do is eliminate the odors and not just cover them up with a perfume smell.

Next time mix up a batch of completely organic air freshener/air cleaner compound. There are several alternatives. Both Vinegar and Baking Soda absorb bad smells. Selectively hid small bowls of Baking Soda around areas that are bad-smelling, or set a couple of cups of vinegar around the house as well.

Another method would be to purchase an oil burner and burn essential oils, along with your favorite candles and your home will be filled with sweet-smelling organic aromas.

Homemade Cleaning Products - All The Rest:

Castor Oil: Castor oil is great as a leather conditioner. Just rub in thoroughly into a tired looking leather chair or sofa and watch it come to life.

Olive Oil: Forget that nasty stainless steel cleaner. There are some that claim to be green, but just read the label. If you really want a green solution to cleaning your stainless steel appliances, use Olive Oil:

Mix three parts Olive Oil and 1 part Vinegar and you have yourself a great wood floor cleaner that will leave your floor looking like brand new.

Olive Oil as Furniture Polish: Mix up Olive Oil, Lemon Oil and water and spray it on your furniture. Experiment with the exact proportions, but start with a tablespoon of each Olive and Lemon Oil added to the water.

Another Solution for Lime Buildup is Lemon Oil: Just use bottle Lemon Oil and rub in on the lime build up. If you encounter a severe area of lime, soak a cloth with the Lemon Oil and let it set for several minutes against the lime buildup.