How To Compost

How to Compost - Home composting, composting tips, compost bin reviews etc.

How To Compost

We explain how to compost, all about home composting, give composting tips and reviews on compost bins, aerators and much more.

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Do you want to learn how to compost? Maybe you are wondering what exactly composting is and what in the world it has to do with green living? We're glad you asked! Composting is a controlled biological decomposition of organic material...oh never mind, let me try to explain in English.

Composting is simply a normal process of nature. Anything that was once alive will decompose. The end result is compost, which looks like dark, crumbly soil and smells like the floor of a forest. When we compost, we're just speeding up nature's own process.

Cool, I know - but before we talk about how to compost, you may still be wondering what it has to do with green living. A LOT!

Consider This
    Up to 30% of our waste is either yard or food waste; both of which can be composted!
    Composting can actually reduce pest problems. That means less pesticide and we all know that's green.
    Adding compost to your soil will increase moisture retention. That means that you have to water less so you're conserving water and if you pay a monthly water bill, you're saving money too. Does it get any better?
    Speaking of saving money, when you use compost in your garden soil, you add valuable nutrients that cut down on the amount of soil conditioners that you need to buy.
    If you have a vegetable garden, composting can actually provide health benefits to you. Why? Compost adds nutrients to soil which results in a higher nutrient content in your plants and a higher nutrient content is passed on to you and your family when you eat the vegetable.
Wooden Compost Bins Can Be Great Looking

Wooden Compost Bins Can Be Great Looking

Now that we've covered what it is and why it's so important, let's talk about how to do it. First, let me just mention that almost anyone who wants to compost, can. Yes, even if you live in an apartment and have no yard.

yes, even if you live somewhere like Bismarck, ND where the ground is frozen for something like 6 months out of the year. In those instances, you may have to get a little bit creative, but you can compost and I'll gladly show you how. Just pick your situation and we'll teach you how to compost.

You can also learn more about using your finished compost and troubleshooting your compost pile (just in case things don't go exactly as planned!)

To learn more detailed information about composting Green Living Made Easy's recommended reading is "All About Compost" by Pauline Pears. This book gives easy, informative tips and guidelines for you to follow for all your composting needs.

Composting Indoors:

If you live in an apartment or you don't have a yard that's large enough for composting, you may want to consider learning how to compost inside your home. There are actually a few different methods available and none of them are difficult.

What will work best for you depends on how much waste you generate and how much space you have. Visit our Composting Indoors section to choose the method that works best for you and to learn exactly what to do.

Prefabricated Compost Bins

Prefabricated Compost Bins

Backyard Composting:

When most people think about composting In their backyard, they envision a large pile of compost, maybe enclosed in a fence. If you live in a subdivision, you might think that you can't compost because your neighbors may not be thrilled with a huge smoking pile of decomposing items in the middle of your yard.

But, wait! There are other ways that you can compost outdoors - ways that won't bother your neighbors at all. Just visit the Composting Outdoors section to learn exactly how to compost outside.

Add Containers To Your Garden

Adding Compost Assures You A Healthy Garden

Worm Composting

Before you decide that composting with worms isn't for you, make sure to check out our section dedicated to Worm Composting. It's a great alternative for people who don't want the work involved with composting.

When you use worms, they do all the work and you don't even have to see them. Even if the thought of worms makes you wiggly, this may be a great option for you. Give us a chance to explain in more detail before you make up your mind!

Composting Materials

When most people learn how to compost, figuring out what to put in your pile and how much to add can be the most confusing thing of all. You may have visited other website's that explain how to add materials using scientific words that make your head spin. - The Ultimate Garden Center

You won't find any of that scientific stuff at Green Living Made Easy. We break down what materials to add to your pile and how much in terms that are easy to understand. Just read through our Composting Materials section to get all the information.

Trouble-Shooting Compost Problems

Trouble-Shooting Compost Problems

Compost Troubleshooting

Even the best compost piles sometimes have a little trouble. While composting isn't hard, sometimes too much of one material or not enough of another can cause your pile to go haywire. There's no need to quit.

Visit the Compost Troubleshooting section, where we'll help you with the most common problems that you may encounter when learning how to compost.

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