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Instantaneous Water Heater Reviews

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An instantaneous water heater, also called a tankless water heater, is an eco friendly and economical way to heat water in your home.

These water heaters are fairly new to the market but are gaining in popularity very quickly because they have so many benefits. If you are building a new home or it's time to replace your water heater, you should definitely consider purchasing an instantaneous water heater.

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How a Tankless Water Heater Works:

Think about your standard water heater for a second. It holds water and heats it throughout the day to keep the water that is inside it hot. When the temperature of the water in the tank drops or the water is used and replaced with cold water, it turns back on and heats the water again.

An instantaneous water heater heats water as it moves through the heater, which means that it's only working when you are actually using hot water. These water heaters feature powerful heat exchangers that raise the temperature of the water immediately. What that means is that you only heat water when you are actually going to use it.

Types of Instantaneous Water Heaters

There are a couple of different types of tankless water heaters and what kind you decide to buy is going to depend on your needs, your budget, and your current set-up.

Point-Of-Use Heaters: These heaters are used to heat water for a small number of areas - generally one or two outlets. For example, you could set up a point-of-use tankless water heater in your master bathroom to heat water for your shower and sink.

This type of instantaneous water heater is generally electric. One of the major benefits of a point-of-use water heating system is that it reduces lag time, which is the amount of time it takes for water to reach the outlet after leaving the heater. The longer your lag time, the more water you waste.

Whole House Heaters: Just like their name implies, whole house tankless water heaters are larger systems that are used to heat water for your entire house. Whole house heaters are generally larger systems and they typically run on natural gas or propane. For that reason, whole house system can be cost-prohibitive for someone who does not currently use natural gas or propane in their home.

Benefits of Instantaneous Water Heaters

There are many eco friendly benefits to consider when choosing a tankless water heating system for your home. We'll go over a few of them here.

1. Less Heat Loss: When you use a traditional water heater to heat the water in your home, you lose 20 - 40% of the energy consumed by your water heater simply because it isn't used before it has to be reheated again. Because a tankless system only heats water when you need it, you don't have any of this energy loss.

2. Water is Not Overheated: When using a tank water heater, the temperature is usually kept higher than what's needed. This results in wasted energy, not to mention the chance of scalding. When you use an instantaneous water heating system, the temperature can be set at a lower temperature because the water is produced on depend. This can save between 3 - 5% of your energy costs over time.

3. Life Cycle: A tankless water heater will usually last more than 20 years. When you compare this with the 6 - 12 years that a traditional heater lasts, it helps to defer the increased cost of a tankless system, not to mention that you aren't adding to landfills that are already overfilled.

4. Size Considerations: You already know that a traditional water heater takes up quite a bit of space, generally in your laundry room or another closet area. An instantaneous water heating system is small - about the size of a briefcase. If you are replacing a tank water heater in your current home, the space that you'll saved can often be utilized for other needs, but the size consideration is especially important in new construction. Saving space and utilizing your entire home is an extremely green thing to do and choosing a tankless water heating system is a great way to do this!

5. Unlimited Hot Water: Having an unlimited supply of hot water isn't eco friendly, but it's definitely convenient! There's nothing worse than being the third person in the house to take a shower in the morning, only to end up with cold water as soon as you step in. A tankless system will ensure that your entire family can enjoy hot showers anytime they want them!

Drawbacks to Instantaneous Water Heaters

There are a few drawbacks to tankless water heating systems, or at least items that you should carefully consider as you make your decision whether or not to make the change. Most of these drawbacks apply to current homeowners - we can't see any reason why anyone building a new home would not want to use a tankless system in their home.

1. Tankless systems can cost 2 or 3 times what a traditional water heater costs. On the other hand, it's important to factor in the energy savings that you'll enjoy and the increased life of the heater as you calculate your total cost over the life of the water heater.

2. Electric tankless heaters require a large energy draw so it's important to make sure that your house is wired to meet this demand, otherwise updating your electrical wiring in an existing home can be a costly undertaking.

3. As mentioned before, most whole house instantaneous water heaters use natural gas or propane. If your house currently doesn't have a natural gas or propane supply, this type of system may not be the best option for you.

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Our Favorite Instantaneous Water Heaters

Eccotemp Tankless Water Heater: This is a propane tankless water heater that is perfect for use in small homes or condos. It's priced right at only $231 and the installation is easy. Eccotemp isn't the most well-known company but they offer technical support 24/7 and have developed instantaneous water heaters that are both efficient and economical. For those with a small home, cottage, or condo and a propane source, this may be the perfect water heater. One reviewer notes that his utility bill was reduced 91% after switching from a 50-gallon water heater to this tankless model!

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater: This is the perfect tankless system for a mid-sized home and can easily accommodate up to a traditional 3-bedroom home. It produces 7.5 gallons of hot water per minute and runs on natural gas. It's more expensive than some other options, priced at just under $1000, but federal tax credits and potential credits from your natural gas company can help to reduce the cost of this instantaneous water heater.

Ecosmart Electric Tankless Water Heater: I have a large garden tub in my master bathroom and not enough hot water to fill it - this is the tankless water heater that I wish I had. It's perfect for using on one outlet, like a large tub or shower in the master bathroom. This tankless system is able to produce 3.5 gallons of hot water per minute so it isn't well suited for people who need it to heat water in multiple areas at one time, but if you can install it in a bathroom or kitchen to provide water just to that area you will enjoy an unlimited supply of how water and very little lag time!