Kill A Watt Meter

Kill A Watt Meter - keep an eye on energy costs with this electricity monitor.

Kill A Watt Meter

GLME Reviews A Great Appliance To Save You Energy

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Kill A Watt Meter

Have you ever wondered how much electricity you could save by unplugging small appliances or electronics when they are not in use?

Have you wondered what in your home is using the electricity?

With the Kill a Watt meter, you can check how much energy each electrical item in your house is using when it's in use and when it's turned off. This electricity meter will cost you under $40 and is great to have around the house.

Read what we like and what we wish they would improve on and then decide if this electricity meter may be right for you.

What We Like:

It's easy to use.

Sure, you can do your own energy metering by checking the energy meter at your home, but you won't know what in the house is making it spin.

My husband and I used to turn different things in the house on and off and then run outside to see how fast the meter was turning. It was kind of fun and it kept us occupied, but didn't really provide us with any useful data.

Using the Kill a Watt meter is as simple as plugging it in.

It provides data that's easy to understand and can be used immediately.

You can see exactly how much electricity each item in your home uses. You can even check to see what things are using on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

You can get actual data that's relevant to your specific situation.

Simply input your cost per kilowatt hour and the meter will calculate your cost based on that information. This is great because costs vary widely depending on where you live.

It stores data for use later. That means that you don't need to write the readings down on paper (although creating a spreadsheet isn't a bad idea). All you have to do to retrieve your data is plug the meter back in the wall.

What We Don't Like

The Kill a Watt meter doesn't come with an extension cord, which is a hassle when trying to use it on low outlets.

The LED display is difficult to read unless you are standing directly in front of it.

It does have a battery back up that will save information when it's unplugged, but you can't turn it on to check data unless it's plugged into an outlet. So, if you want to check stored data, you have to be in front of an outlet.

Overall, the Kill a Watt meter is a great buy for the money. It works as advertised and will provide you with lots of great data that will help you to save electricity in your home. It's also a great educational tool for children and can be used to help them understand electricity and to encourage them to help keep things turned off.

Quick Tip: See how much electricity things use and then make a deal with your children to put aside the money you save for something special if they help to conserve electricity in your home!

Kill A Watt Meter - Green Living Rating:

Overall, we give the Kill A Watt Meter 8.5 out of 10 stars. It's a great green product, it's easy to use, and it works well. We don't like to have to kneel now to a Kill A Watt Meter that is plugged into the wall to read it, or that the LED is hard to read, but it is definitely a bargain. We will have this appliance in our Store or you could purchase a Kill A Watt meter online.

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