Kiwi Carpet Cleaning

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Kiwi Carpet Cleaning

Great Tips For Searching for a Green Carpet Cleaner -or- For Cleaning Your Carpet Yourself.

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We're always looking for great ways to clean organically to share with our readers, and Kiwi Carpet Cleaning is probably the best green carpet cleaning option available today.

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning - The Key Is The Kiwi Fruit

Why Choose Green Carpet Cleaning

We all know that carpets become dirty and need to be cleaned. In fact, even if your carpets don't look dirty, they still should be cleaned every couple of years because the dust and other particles that settle into the fiber can cause allergies and reduce indoor air quality. Until recently, carpet cleaning hasn't been a very eco friendly process.

Carpet cleaning companies would come into your home and use harsh chemicals to make your floors look good again and in the process, they'd create a large amount of wastewater filled with the same chemicals that would need to be dumped into sewage systems.

By the end of the process, your carpets probably looked better but you'd introduced chemicals into your living space and added them to your local sewage system. A necessary trade off, but certainly not an eco friendly one

Kiwi carpet cleaning is changing the game and offering affordable, organic carpet cleaning for residents in their service areas. .

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning - Great Reviews

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning - Company Overview

Company History: Kiwi Carpet Cleaning was started 22 years ago by a mom with pets and kids who became frustrated by the fact that she couldn't find a carpet cleaning option that would allow her to have return visits at a discounted rate. So she started her own carpet cleaning company that would offer return visits at a highly discounted rates.

Specialties: Carpet cleaning, carpet repair, air duct cleaning, furniture cleaning, hard floor cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning

Areas Served: Kiwi Carpet Cleaning services major cities in Texas, as well as Atlanta, Denver, Little Rock, and Phoenix

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning - Give Them A Try

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning - The Cleaning Process

What really sets Kiwi Carpet Cleaning apart as a safe, organic alternative to clean carpets is their cleaner. The cleaner used by Kiwi is derived from the kiwi fruit. Their cleaner, CB2, has a GRAS rating from the FDA, which means it is generally recognized as safe. It contains no carcinogens and it smells natural and fresh. Save Ten With Angie's List!

Another major benefit to this green carpet cleaning option is that they create NO wastewater in the process. They use carpet bonnets that absorb the water used so you'll have dry carpets in about 15 minutes and no water is released into the sewage system.

If you live in one of the major cities listed above, Kiwi Carpet Cleaning is a great eco-friendly option for you. On top of being a green way to care for your carpets, Kiwi has a reputation for outstanding customer service and they also offer some perks that other popular companies wouldn't dream of offering.

How They Do It:

For example, when you hire Kiwi Carpet Cleaning, they come in move all your light furniture for you. They vacuum your rugs and go over all stained or heavily soiled areas with you and pre-treat them.

Once the cleaning is done, they groom your carpets so they look new again. Last, they offer a one-year warranty where they will come out and clean any room again for just $4 and a small travel charge.

At Green Living Made Easy, we do our best to provide information about eco friendly alternatives and options and we are never given any compensation for our reviews. The same is true for this review.

We far prefer hard flooring options to carpet overall because they are typically more environmentally friendly and are definitely easier to keep clean without the use of harmful chemicals.

If you have carpet or just can't live without it, Kiwi Carpet Cleaning is one of the most attractive options we've seen for keeping your carpets clean and safe for your family without the use of harmful chemicals. We just wish they were available in more areas!

For those of you with an entrepreneurial spirit, Kiwi Carpet Cleaning is a franchise, so their may be options to open additional locations in your area.

Three Sentence Overview: If you're looking for an eco friendly way to keep your carpets clean, you'll want to check out Kiwi Carpet Cleaning.

Specializing in green cleaning this company uses cleaners derived from the kiwi fruit to get your carpets looking great again.