Landscape Paver Colors

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Landscape Paver Colors

Landscape Paver Colors | Pavers are available in a wide range of colors. Find out about the coloring methods and which is best.

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Using landscape pavers to pave your outdoor patio or entertainment area is a great way to improve the look and ambiance of your home. Pavers are a great choice because they come in a wide array of shapes, patterns, and colors.

Landscape Paver Colors

Landscape Paver Colors

There are three major types of types of man-made landscape pavers - concrete, brick, and clay. All three of these are commonly used on patios.

Additionally, natural stones like sandstone, flagstone, and river rock can also be used as landscape pavers.

Many times, homeowners desire to have their pavers in a particular color that will match the rest of their home. There are a number of different methods that can be used to color landscape pavers.

The good news is that basically any color can be achieved through coloring so the sky is really the limit when choosing what you'd like - from bright, vibrant colors to soft, pastels.

Landscape Paver Colors

Landscape Paver Colors - Coloring Methods

Landscape Paver Colors - Coloring Methods:

If you have chosen to use concrete pavers, there are two main coloring methods that can be used.

Landscape Paver Colors - Powdered Dye Coloring Method:

This is a reasonably simple coloring method, with four steps.

    The homeowner chooses a color for their landscape pavers.
    The concrete is mixed into a paste.
    The color is created and added to the concrete paste in a powdered form.
    The concrete containing the powder is placed in molds and left to dry to form the landscape pavers.
Landscape Paver Colors

Landscape Paver Colors

Landscape Paver Colors - Liquid and Powdered Staining:

Liquid and powdered stains are another coloring process that can be used for coloring landscape pavers for a patio. This coloring process takes place after the concrete has been set. Liquid and powdered stains can be used to achieve a wide variety of colors.

Colors Available for Landscape Pavers:

As mentioned before, there are many colors available if you'd like to enhance the look of your patio with landscape pavers. Natural stones offer a wide range of natural colors that often vary in color from one paver to the next. This provides a very unique look for many patios.

If you choose to use concrete, you'll be able to choose any color you'd like. Some of the most common colors for landscape pavers include:

Terra cotta
1/4 Buff

As you choose a color for your patio pavers, be sure to take into consideration the surrounding colors - both in your landscape and the color of your home.

Landscape Paver Colors

Landscape Paver Colors - Color Blending Options

Landscape Paver Colors - Color Blending Options:

Another option when using landscape pavers is to use a couple of different colors in one area. This is referred to as color blending. This is a great way to break up monotony in large areas.

If you choose to use different colors on your patio, you will want to be sure to choose two colors that blend well together.