Lawn Aeration

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Lawn Aeration - The Magic Bullet?

Lawn Aeration is a something many of us avoid, but In addition to proper irrigation and fertilizing, your lawn can greatly benefit from regular aeration.

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Lawn Care Tips:

Many homeowners consider maintaining a green, healthy lawn a big, uphill battle. It is a well-known fact that our turf requires a lot of attention, maintenance, and irrigation resources, and because of this many homeowners are not willing to put forth the labor, time, and money required for a pristine green lawn. Many others appreciate the appearance of a lush, green lawn as an extension of their home's living space and are willing to implement this great lawn care maintenance procedure.

Your Green Lawn and Natural Lawn Care:

There are many environmentally friendly things you can do to enhance the health and appearance of your lawn, so you can take pride in your hard work. You can minimize the use of toxic chemicals by using a fertilizer such as Milorganite to green-up your lawn naturally.

Also, it is best to use Eco friendly pesticides and insecticides to maintain your lawn and provide a healthier experience for you, your family, pets, and wildlife. By maintaining a lush, thick lawn you can naturally crowd out weeds, without the need of nasty herbicides, making your lawn a miniature ecosystem of healthy grass plants.


A Big Lawn Care Secret - Lawn Aeration:

Lawn aeration is often a lawn care step that is overlooked by many homeowners. One of the biggest "magic bullets" that an Eco-friendly homeowner has in their lawn care arsenal is proper lawn aeration methods.

Just what is lawn aeration? In its most simple form, it is punching small holes in the lawn turf. By placing these small holes down to the lawn roots you are providing much needed oxygen for the grass to maintain healthy growth.

Lawn aeration will also allow the grass access of fertilizers and nutrients at the plants root zone. Also by punching these small holes in your turf, you will allow much more and efficient uptake of your lawn irrigation system, conserving water in the process.

The excess buildup of thatch is minimized and allowed to naturally decompose and actually feed your lawn rather than smothering it.

Proper lawn aeration also breaks down hard soil allowing the grass root system much more efficient in the absorption of water, nutrients, and oxygen.

How You Can Aerate Your Lawn:

Depending on the size of your lawn and the amount of physical work you willing to do, there are several ways to aerate your lawn.

Manual Lawn Aeration: This is the least costly option that is available to you, and it is facilitated by plunging an aeration tool that has 2 to 4 hollow metal cylinders into your turf and then extracting the lawn plugs - take a look at the photo at the top of this article.

Manual Aeration With Footwear: Another form of manual lawn aeration is with specially made shoes or sandals that have spiked soles which create holes in the ground. By far, they type that extracts plugs is the best for your lawn's health as it does not compact the soil nearly as much as the spikes.

As the name indicates, using the manual type of aeration devices is a very labor intensive job indeed and is usually reserved to smaller, hard to reach areas of your lawn..

Powered Lawn Aeration Devices: These devices are usually a dedicated gasoline-powered version of the manual aerators. As with the manual devices, the best powered version are the type that extracts plugs from your turf.

You use this type of aerator by simply pushing it around your lawn, much like you would with a self-propelled lawn mower. The plugs that are extracted from you turf usually break down after a few rains or lawn irrigation cycles.

Being rather expensive, and used very intermittently, you are well advised to rent one of these devices from your local hardware center or rental store.

Many homeowners get a group of neighbors together, and rent one for a weekend to make the most efficient use of the machine. Using this method, you can easily divide the cost of the unit and make this a very affordable venture.

Also by using the neighborhood team approach you will have help in lugging around these heavy, bulky machines, and can even share the labor of aeration task. Once you have unloaded the aerator, be sure to practice with it a bit to avoid hitting trees, structures or injuring yourself.

Additional Lawn Aeration Options:

Use a Commercial Contractor: If you wish to defer the hard work and hassle of the rental route, there are many landscape companies that provide lawn aeration services, but this is perhaps the most expensive method.

Liquid Lawn Aeration: There are commercially available liquid aerators that work by simply spraying the solution on the lawn and it breaks down the thatch. While this is a great way to minimize cost and labor, it by no means replaces manual plugging of your lawn. We prefer to use these organic aerators between manual aerations to extend the time between required manual aerations by one to two times.

Plug Aerators For Garden Tractors: Here at Green Living Made Easy, we prefer this method of aeration for our lawns. You can purchase non-powered tow-behind plug aerators quite reasonably for use behind your garden tractor or riding mower. These devices are quite reasonably priced and take very little storage space and they work great.

In order to provide the best environment for your lawn to grow and thrive, be sure to aerate your lawn every couple of years. You won't be sorry you did when you see the results.